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Interestingly this is completely opposite to the question about wills.   Thinking about your funeral is not an easy or obvious thing to do and most people probably do or say little about it.  At least expressing some element of your wishes before you die would be helpful to others in preparing your funeral and reflecting your preferences.

Footnote:  A YouTube video giving advice about this could be helpful.

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  1. I like this! Not a lot, but it is intreresting? As an OAP, and a golden oldie, I have retired, am enjoying activities, and made the wills, But not the green or living will yet for empowerment ot atternony. This bit I have to swallow hard, and as yet I appriciate my financial indepenance-I reckon the day will come, when either i or my wife become incapacitatied in any way or form, then I will act. The trick is to keep up and recognise my mental limitations: I also do not wish my children and ‘offspring’ as yet to become burdened with a responsibilty too far.
    As for the funeral, I thought hard with my wife back in 2000 and sometime earlier when we were in our last days of earning a living- A funeral was not our priority: However box insurance opportinities, were being flogged and the then/now sum insured No more premiums to be paid is now but a modest sum, and provided we: That is my wife and I go up the flue with dignity, and best wishes, it is for our estate, and the decision of powers of atternony to decide how our remains are dealt with. In this changing economic world and the uncertainty with which we all must make an argreement with the ‘Good Lord’, even todays funeral plans I suspect will in 15 to 20 years time require some form of financial adjustment.
    Happy reading, happy thoughts!! May your god go with you as Dave Allen would quote.

  2. Mabel Dodd says:

    More people should give consideration to this subject. Most people never get around to it.

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