About GrumbleSmiles & how to find your way around the website

I have worked in the field of housing and social care for the past 30 years until I retired from the ExtraCare Charitable Trust in January 2010.   I have an abiding interest in all aspects of social policy as it affects the elderly.  I strongly believe that society’s  attitudes towards later life could be much improved.  In the Western world, older people are too often seen as a burden where previously they were venerated.

This blog is about changing attitudes and opinions towards older people.  It will deal with the big social policy issues – the ageing society; the pressures of health care costs; dwindling pensions; the inadequacy of housing and residential care services and elderly people as consumers with vast locked-up equity in property.  It will also cover the everyday grumbles of getting old – the constant perception of elderly people as a “burden on society”; print getting smaller; adverts becoming incomprehensible; not understanding how gadgets work anymore.

Additionally it is about celebrating older peoples’ achievements and having fun.  In the future the GrumbleSmiles Trust will fund projects which support these ideals.

The blog will be informed by “experts” – the elderly themselves and also by “professional correspondents” – who work in the field of social policy related to older people.  Most of all, it will be open to everyone to enjoy, be informed and express their views.

Together we can turn grumbles into smiles !

How to find your way around the website

Most people arrive at the “Home” page.  It contains the 10 most recent posts in full.  If you would like to comment, scroll to the bottom of the blog and click on the “Leave Comment” or “Comments”.  If comments have already been made you can read these first and then at the bottom of the page you will find a blank comment box for you to leave your views.  Then just click on “Post Comment” box.  If you wish to reply to a comment already posted, click on “Reply” under that comment.

Recent Posts – is a quick way to finding the latest posts, just click on them in the right hand margin.

Topics – takes you to all posts on a particular subject.

Follow Grumblesmiles – allows you to register your interest in the site and by clicking on it you will receive an e-mail each time there is a new post on the website.  Subscription is free.  The e-mail gives you the basic text but you will need to visit the Grumblesmiles site to see any cartoons and comments people have made.

If you click on Archive, a drop down box will appear which allows you to find earlier posts, the date of which is often referred to in blogs

The Tag Cloud tells you about the most talked about subjects in this blog.   By clicking on a word it will lead you to the appropriate blog.  The subjects at the start of the Cloud shown in “quotes”  are themed threads.

The Cartoons which illustrate many of these blogs and are drawn by my son Tommy Graham.  They are meant to be a bit of fun amongst some serious messages and you will have to search to find them .  There are over 150 cartoons on the site  – have fun finding them all.

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