“GrumbleSmiles Trust Launched”

The GrumbleSmiles Trust was launched in the spring of 2012.

Our  aim  is  to  support  and  encourage  innovative  ideas  which will enhance  the  lifestyles  of  older  people.    Through  doing this  we  aspire to  reduce  loneliness,  isolation  and  marginalisation  of  the  elderly  in society.

We wish  to  promote  a  positive  view of ageing through stimulating research and offering financial help  and / or advice to projects which seek to encourage older people to live an active and engaged role in their community. In this way we hope to demonstrate how the wisdom and experience of the elderly can provide an inspiring example to future generations.

How can you help us   :-  

  • We are looking for  projects where our involvement can make a significant difference
  • Elderly people should be actively engaged in the project and have a say in its management and development
  • Projects must have the potential to be copied and repeated elsewhere by other groups
  • Other  sources of funding should have been investigated before applying to the GrumbleSmiles Trust
  • Initially we have limited funds and our loans or grants are unlikely to exceed £5,000  —  with projects being expected to be self- reliant within 3 years
  • We will offer our help and advice to enable an organisation to grow and develop. We have a significant track record in the charity sector. There is no charge for this service, however we do have limited resources.

We are unlikely to fund    :- 

 ♦  National Charities with substantial resources

♦   Replacement or subsidy of statutory funds

♦   Large projects where our impact is slight

Write to us and tell us how we can help you  :- 

  • What do you want help with  ?
  • How will you measure your success  ?
  • What is the status of your organisation  ?
  • Who are the people involved  ?

Write to the GrumbleSmiles Trust  at  :-  North House, Rugby Road, Kilsby,  CV23   8XX.

We will respond to you by E-mail within a month.

The Trustees meet quarterly to decide on supporting projects and we will E-mail you if we require additional information.

Our registered Charity Number is – 1145632

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