“Hayley Comes a Cropper”

For the past few months Britain’s most popular TV soap has been running the storyline that a key, long-serving character – Hayley Cropper – has terminal cancer.   Three nights a week “Coronation Street” took us through the emotional roller coaster of cancer.

The fear and apprehension while waiting for the initial diagnosis.

The dreaded “C   ” word —- a lightening bolt of news.

To make the bad news even worse ” terminal” is added.

The scared secrecy of not wanting people to know.

Unwanted sympathy when they do know.

Attempts to carry on as if nothing has happened.

The “bucket list” of things to do before you die.

Hurry to put the wrongs of a lifetime, to right in a moment.

It was a fearful and heart-rending portrayal of some of the emotions of a terminal diagnosis, brought to the attention of a greater than usual 10 million viewers.

As you would hope with your TV soap, it came to a happy ending, or at least as happy as death can be.   Hayley died at home in the arms of her loving husband Roy.

Now wake up!

The adverts are on, Hayley’s not dead, she is an actress.   Soap’s happy endings are not reality TV.   If they were, the storyline could have been much harder to watch.

See next week’s thrilling episode

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1 Response to “Hayley Comes a Cropper”

  1. All is clear! Life must go on, what is next? What will be the next moral delema to touch ones concious, I wonder?
    It’s life what are the answers we are looking for, or the moral guidance from ones learnings in an earlier life?

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