“Hayley Home Alone”

(Continued from “Hayley Comes a Cropper”).

What if Hayley Cropper had lived at home alone?

Sent home with a diagnosis of terminal cancer, only headlines and TV to turn to.  No time or motivation for bucket lists and happy endings.

Denial is maybe the best solo tactic until you can’t cope with the pain and the drowning rain of “why me?” emotions.

On your own, you can’t pass this burden onto now distant family or passing-by friends.

The State has virtually deserted home care and left it to less skilled domiciliary care agency staff.  If you are lucky you will be within reach of more specialist voluntary sector cancer support, like McMillan Nurses or charitably funded hospice care.

Your GP will be there to offer some help but it will be severely time limited.  Unless he is like Dr Harold Shipman who took time out of his busy schedule to help his patients to a swifter death than they might have liked.  Or a more recent GP who helped his daughter to inherit a terminally patient’s house before helping his patient to die. These are surely rare examples.

  Time is the bigger thief for those needing comfort and support.

Where is the NHS when you need them ? 

See Next Week’s Chilling Episode

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1 Response to “Hayley Home Alone”

  1. This response from John is so correct! How do I alleviate the pain and suffering of living alone among friends and strangers? There is no one simple answer to solve all cases.
    Apart from the state supporting hospices and palliative care from well know agencies, we have to all rely on domiciliary care if that is required, and The NHS Hospital and Doctors Surgery District Nursing system to offer any kind of medical needs – (Not actual assistance in daily living such as cooking/laundry/shopping and a general conversation with a fellow human being.)
    This is the vexing issue!!! And the writer has illuminated the dangers of practices exercised by Dr. Harold Shipman.
    If one now at pre-retirement age or in the early years of retirement considers with one’s spouse and family, what they may wish to do with their own personal life? Then maybe partners/ husbands and wives/single persons, may consider seriously the way they live? And search out alternatives that may suit
    There are many things to consider, and all with various priorities. I list a few here and I challenge one to rank them, and establish a wish list as one encroaches old age:
    1 Companionship/friendship
    2 Security both physical and mental
    3 Accommodation of modest proportions (One or two bedroom-lounge, kitchen , wet room and a vestibule (Hallway)
    4 Common service charges for heat, light and ventilation
    5 Community Living in a village complex/retirement centre Here one has to consider where one lives at present, is it a mixed age community and a working dormitory community society- The Young are welcome as friends: However does one wish them as neighbours, with all the inherent problems of a working life environment.
    6 Support and advice for welfare Actual and financial
    7 Facilities common to all such as restaurant/cafe/gym/laundrette/library/craft and hobby rooms/family and guest meeting rooms/ a large common village hall for those extra occasions such as dances and pantomimes/ or other shows.
    8 A management structure to help/support and maintain all the interest groups.
    If one and one ‘s partner chose this route, do you do so while you are both active and young at heart, or when, one is bereaved and then looking for all the above conditions.
    One has to look and think what may befall one in future life and hopeful when one is bereaved have the support of one’s friends and the community to continue with ones daily life.
    One may wish to consider the alternative and move straight into a care home or nursing home for the elderly? What are you looking for???
    Maybe the answer is to consider the government of the day (Politicians of all shades) to support the building of independent living complexes/Retirement villages for the elderly with some of the above attributes as listed 1-8.
    Answers on a postcard please???

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