“Hayley Safe in NHS Hands?”

(Continued from “Hayley Home Alone”).

What if Hayley went into hospital?

Terminally ill plus a fall or a call and you’re back in hospital – i.e. any accident or call to your GP at an inconvenient hour like night-time or weekends and you are likely with a terminal diagnosis to be whisked off to hospital.

Now you can step on the Liverpool pathway to heaven.

If you don’t like hospital food, you won’t need to worry, because you won’t be getting any.  You may not even get a drink.  There is ample evidence of this neglect and a terminal illness is an express ticket to this non-care.  What started as a careful approach to end of life care, has become a horror movie in the NHS.

Now the name has been dropped but the beds are still blocked.

Lord Falconer is slowly, but surely, steering his proposals on assisted suicide through Parliament portrayed as a careful caring step.  A Hayley Cropper happy ending.

But reality TV is much more brutal.

  • Hayley had a grasping distant relative  – how many more people do?
  • Hayley had a loving husband and close friends near by but many lonely bereaved older people living alone do not.
  • Hayley had an attentive GP but her only home visit was to certify Hayley’s death.
  • Hayley’s end of life TV episodes certainly raised the issue of terminal illness and good for that.
  • But the reality of a lonely death at home alone or a neglectful nil by mouth, no care, rapid decline in hospital would have been too much like real life for a soap opera’s evening entertainment.

Good night and God bless Hayley

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7 Responses to “Hayley Safe in NHS Hands?”

  1. There is no answer to this post! What do we do next as a society? Do we talk freely about living wills, donor wishes, and death in general. Only the dead know the answer? The rest of us all must grieve.

  2. I see John from Today’s Telegrah Sunday 08 March 2014. The House of Lords are discussing in detail assisted suicides/euphenasia! As you often comment on where will society draw a line in the sand,, and more importantly will the House of Commons debate the subject logically, and bring this emotional subject to some form of conclusion.

    • davidwfreeman237 says:

      John, John Lamb Minster for health and social welfare visited Mk last week on the Thursday 06 March 2014. Doing the rounds he called in at Lovat Fields: However he did not elude to the debate in the House Of Lords.
      John Lamb was very impressed with the concept of a retirement Village like Lovat Fields for the over 55’s.
      Your work John goes marching on! Well Done, and Thank you.

    • john graham says:

      I watched the debate and all the indications seem to suggest the Act will receive significant support. There were some good contributions on both sides of the argument, but very little listening to each other, which is a shame for such a serious issue.
      Doctors would appear to be overwhelmingly against the proposed change in the law and as a group of people highly involved, you would think they would be listened to.
      There were also many assertions that the general public are strongly supportive of assisted suicide — I am not sure this is true.

  3. The name of the MInister is NORMAN LAMB apologies all around. I trust I have not caused offence

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    John Lamb for your information was a reference book for up and comming Marine engineers on Marine Diesel engines and marine engineering in general. I am all at SEA???

  5. I note David Cameron has or is opposed to this debate when it enters the Commons. That was in Yesterdays press 26-03 -2014. What I have not seen is the outcome of the Motion in the HOuse of Commons: Have I missed something?

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