My Garden Age – Spring Flowers

Spring just has to be one of the best times of the year in the garden.  After the hibernation of colour through the winter months the daffodils in February/March herald the beginning of a rainbow.  Now by April/May the picture of a new garden year really starts to unfold.

Starting out on retirement should not be a closing down.  We need to change the perception of later life  to set it as a new spring.  Building on the colour and experience of our earlier life.  Society needs to see it that way too —- a new garden age.


Tulips in a shady corner saying “look at us” and an early hosta just ahead of the slugs.   Older people need to be allowed to bloom and be valued for the colour they bring to society.


Then the unbeatable bluebells — a cacophony of SPRING !  It is also time for an orchestral celebration of age.  A era of opportunity and contribution  — mutual respect and support for each other.  We should be proud of our elders and see them as a resource not a burden.


The pallet of tulip colour all prepared to paint the year ahead.  Anticipate a generation who can help transform society for the better with voluntary effort and ageful wisdom.


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1 Response to My Garden Age – Spring Flowers

  1. You are like the first breath of spring. Wonderful

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