My Garden Age – Apple Tree

Not to be outdone by the spring flowers, (see my last post) the cox’s apple tree is just breaking into bloom , waking from its winter slumber.    How many more years will this grandfather of the garden continue to deliver his bounteous harvest ?    “At least one” says the white/pink blossom.  Soon to be confetti at the new garden year wedding.


But look more closely and another old friend is back again 🙂   Mr Robin is home again in the apple- flowered branches, singing his early morning call before starting to build another years nest.

Welcome back, you ever cheerful garden companion.  That bright red breast is the final colour confirmation that spring has surely arrived.


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1 Response to My Garden Age – Apple Tree

  1. Has the blossum turned into fruit yet- SET? ‘Old Fruit!’ Something/some one to admire and enjoy a quiet banrnter with. It is not yet the Autumn of Ones life? Cheer up it is ‘ Spring’ again, Look lively and step out a pace or two ‘Young Man’!!!

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