“Dolly Mixture”

It’s the end of June, all is well, the sun is shining and pensioners are headlining a Glastonbury pop festival. The Times gives over a full-page 3 to 68-year-old Dolly Parton. Nearly 100,000 people came to watch. This only a year after an equally large crowd turned up to hear the ageing rocking Rolling Stones.

So some pensioners can still attract attention!

Elsewhere in the same newspaper in only a few lines on page 17, a small headline quietly with no fanfare states “elderly care faces funding catastrophe”.

The Local Government Association forecasts that another £5.8 billion is required to meet the shortfall in council funding for social care.   Currently 30% of council budgets are spent on the elderly and this is set to rise to 40% by 2020.   Meanwhile the Government’s austerity programme has cut social funding by £2.8 billion since 2010.

Whilst younger people listen to a few ageing rockers at Glastonbury, more and more older people are forgotten in hospital beds and residential homes.

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2 Responses to “Dolly Mixture”

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I dream on in my younger days, of what if ‘ a bird gave me the come on’ sadly today, i would just blink, and reflect in lifes mirror, of ‘what may befall that younger person when they grow older?’
    It is all disturbing. As you suggest Glasenbory has its older performers: However I must ask is the the older generation chasing their own youth, or is entertainment at Glasonbory ageless and so it attracts the widest of age groups within the Uk population.
    The problems of an older population and their being a greater proponderance in numbers of the over 65’s for many years to come, and the younger UK generation are seeing the hardships of bring children into this world, leaves the UK Government with headaches of where oh Where do the future workforce ( Both practically and technically, with inteligence/integrity and respect) come from? Immigration has some good points to offer-However then it is a question of ethnic background, and would they or do they accept the ethics/morals and codes of behaviour that I was taught by my forefathers (Fighting Two world wars). That is what I came to believe in and practiced what I preached within reason, and am helping my children and childrens children to work for and believe in to make this a fair and equitable land to live in as the UK. As I understand it of today.
    The youger generation have the battles to fight now: The older generation must offer guidance and moral principles by which to achieve a fairer better more equitable UK within Europe and the world.

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