“Eat More Fruit & Veg 5”

This is a continuation of the fruit and veg theme (click on the “EMFV” in the TAG CLOUD for the other posts).

Broccoli has become the trendy to eat healthy veg.    Two large spears count as one of your seven, if you know what I mean.

It is rich in vitamin C, but the catch is that the vitamin C is lost when you cook it.   I wonder where it goes?    So you have to eat it raw to get the full benefit, which is a bit more of a challenge.

This healthy eating lark is beginning to be hard work.  I feel like I could be wading through a forest of broccoli.

Eatmore fruit-5

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1 Response to “Eat More Fruit & Veg 5”

  1. gooday koocker as my aussie aquaintances may say. Yes you appear to love broccolli eating it raw, but never mind it gives your gums and teeth something to be active on!! Other than the proverbal twitter that you may do, as a ‘Maritan’ learning all those delights of yesteryear, when you were virile, handsome, had hair styles to die for!, and looked in the mirror and saw a prima donan, Not a sorry old sight for sore eyes. Never mind take your teeth out, your specs off, and discard that hearing aid, and dream not of ‘Brocolli’? but what you have become or may become chompping your way through all these greens? You wonderful bag of wind? My adonis!!! with that bay window and dropping chest,! Please join the club, and natter on some more.

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