“Ill-timed Age UK”

A report was released on 4th July 2014 by Age UK and the Royal College of Surgeons. It highlighted the fact that many people aged over 75 are being denied life saving surgery for breast and bowel cancer on the NHS. This is also the case for knee and hip replacements.

There is no attempt to disguise this blatant ageism as some Health Authorities did not offer any breast cancer operations to patients over 75.

Strange then that this report is released the day after the annual Age UK National Later Life Conference! Yet there was no mention of the report even though the conference speakers included Earl Howe, the Under Secretary of State for Quality at the Department of Health, as well as several prominent clinicians and other health service professionals.

Seems like harmony is more important at Age UK that campaigns for the rights of older people.

Definitely no rage about age!

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1 Response to “Ill-timed Age UK”

  1. This subject raises the spectra of ‘Euthenasia’ and other aspects of death in all its raments?
    It is a difficult subject we that are living the day, with or with out ailments, sadly have to come to terms with death in society. I have no answer, but when government steps in as the arbiter, I feel annoyed and very upset that I personally have ‘NO CHOICES’. I wish to remain independent and self thinking in subject matter like this.
    I have comforted older persons in their late 80’s 90’s who have made the self wish to leave this mortal coil, in the knowledge that they have had a happy life, and are ready to meet their maker. This emotive but heart rendering feeling for my fellow man I understand their wish in this instance to leave this world and join the next! I do wish them well with love. However I do not wish in this instance if the law or government percieves that a wrong has been committed then the surviviors, or attendants (family or Friends) in this instance must not be persued as criminals, and they in their own individual cases must reconcile with their own concious and their God? Maybe this is wrong? However all subjects on death and its passing are not simple, and are individual to each and everyone of us, and as a society we need checks and balances with tactfulness, rigour and feeling, as one day it may be you? It is a difficult choice for society and the government must as well as legally responsible for the well being to each of its citezens must in enacting any legislation do so with compassion with respect to death! at what ever age a citezen may have to face the choice? IF that is the one choice that has to be made?.

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