“Monument or Headstone?”

After several years of careful parliamentary steering, Lord Falconer has brought forward his bill on assisted dying to the debate stage in the House of Lords.  I have commented on the path this life ending project has taken —– like the slow march behind the funeral hearse.

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Lord Falconer, with all the sure footed confidence of a former Lord Chancellor, knows that only single-minded, blinkered certainty will see the task through.

There is a strong sense of self-righteousness and little humility in the campaign.  No room for doubt, no listening to dissention.  The slippery slope argument advanced by some opponents of the bill, including myself, has been cast aside with disdain.

But is he right, or will this man with a mission end up with a monument for himself and an early headstone for thousands of elderly people – ????????????????

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1 Response to “Monument or Headstone?”

  1. This subject is extremely thought provoking, and from what ever point of view or stand point one takes is one right to adopt that particular solution. I note in re reading some of my comments to the bloggs on this site, I may have adjusted my views? If I have it is with age and the unexpected lifetime span I have left ( I hope to reach a centuary not out!). For some in old age who have or believed that they have lived their own life span of time on this or in this world, what is the solution? At some point one has to discuss or acknowledge ones god, and consider maybe the actions of the ‘grim reaper’, and what is a correct action(s) and who or whom should take it? The individual or the trusted medically trained personal doctor who may have discussed pain and its alliviation. Again it is a decision betwen two trusted aversories, and do we neeed legislation for this situation either to protect the dying from wrongful termination or the trusted friend from alleged abusive use of pain releif. We have no universal scale of a pain threashold, and it is subjective both emotionally and phyically to each and every one of us, and to those to whom we speak too about the subject.
    The debate will contiue long into the night! there is no easy solution just compassion for ones fellow human being.

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