Blogging around the World

I noticed on GrumbleSmiles today I had a visitor from the Dominican Republic and it prompted me to look at the statistics you get from WordPress.    This is one of the nice things about blogging, you get very rapid analysis on what you write about, even if visitors to the site  don’t make a comment you can see roughly where they are from.    This is the first visitor I have ever had from the Dominican Republic.   Thank you and I hope you will come back sometime.

Naturally, the UK is by far my most popular audience, with over 14,000 blog visitors since 2012.  The next highest groups of viewers in order are from USA, Brazil, Canada and India.   In all I have had visits from 104 different countries, including single visitors from as far afield as  Swaziland,  Nigeria,  Guyana,  Georgia,   Iceland  and  the Faroe Islands.

When I was young I used to collect stamps and I still remember the excitement of getting a stamp from a new location.    Most of my geographic quiz knowledge comes from that happy childhood era.   In future I will look more closely at my viewers and see if I can widen my appeal to even more locations.  Just like collecting stamps again 🙂

My most popular topics are Health , Research and Pills.    Individual blogs about “Happiness”,  “Pensions” and  “Assisted Suicide” have been the most visited, which is a rather strange mixture, but I guess it represents the issues that are most on older peoples minds.    My most popular blogs in terms of visits have been “The £140 Pension” and “New Vision of Later Life “, which obviously reflect peoples hopes for the future.

The above figures do not include the 64,00 spam visitors who have landed on the site.        I my childhood Spam was wonderful cooked in batter.  Spam fritters were a favourite then, spam posts ought to go the same way.

I am not trying to court popularity for the sake of it.  Rather I hope to learn and influence the way people think about the older generation.

I will update this next, when I hopefully get some other visitors from far away places.

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1 Response to Blogging around the World

  1. david freeman says:

    It is good to see or read that the website is visited by all manner of persons.
    I trust as you have said John the distilled views, of those not willing to leave a viewpoint of a readable nature and constructive in its criticism, reconsider their personal wish to twitter on this website, and continue to visit and add to the content of the debate of life over 55 years of age, or even on the younger way of life below 55 years, and maybe comment or even advise how the older generation could help them in their lifestyle, and so bring the generations together as one society! But not a Dead End society without any vision of how we wish the world to be, once we have removed our rose coloured specticles and ear muffs. Speak up OH Wise Ones! It is your turn next!! even in real life, so think hard of what you may utter?

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