“Wonder Nut”

Here is another step towards 7-a-day.    (See earlier posts by clicking on “EMFV” in the TAG CLOUD).

According to six recent studies from the American Society of Nutrition in San Diego – there is a snack with wonder properties.   So many in fact that you wonder why they have not been discovered before —- unless of course you are spaced out in California.


 High in protein
 Nutrient rich
 Supresses apetite
 Staves off disease
 High in monounsaturated fats
 High in magnesium and manganese
 High in Vitamin E
 Protects against UV light damage
 And Alzheimer’s


A wonder cure in a handful of nuts!   What’s not to like?

There again San Diego is in California and they are a bit prone to wonder.

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2 Responses to “Wonder Nut”

  1. Not like all ‘NUTS’ dried and crinkle on the outside with a shabby and brown skin, but suculent and sweet and full of goodness on the inside! What not to like in an ‘Old Nut like this?’
    As for the tax return? I have no ideas but my mind does wonder, and I make up some believable story for the tax man? But then government is also wise and tends to nip one ‘s crown jewels while one is having a nap? so I cannot win outright: However small victories hard one are something I may get to enjoy?

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