“Adios Amigo”

I threw away one of my favourite cowboy shirts today.   I had kept it even though it was worn at the collar and torn on the sleeves.   It still had character.   Not like today’s fashionable-for-one-year-only shirts.   This shirt had been fashionable since the Alamo.  Quite probably Davy Crockett wore the exact same shirt.

It was a shirt full of childhood;  of Coliseum cinema Saturday matinees;  of hop along Cassidy;  the Cisco Kid; Roy Rogers; Tonto and Kimasabee.

No wonder I like Texas so much.   I bought the shirt in Pampa in the Texas Panhandle at Wayne’s Western World 20 years ago.   Far too tough and confrontational to wear for business meetings in England, I wore it mainly in the garden at home.   It certainly kept away the Indians!  I have not seen an Apache in the garden for decades 🙂

Cowboyshirt (2)

Not just a shirt, but a host of happy memories.   That’s why we all acquire so much clutter around us, and it’s so difficult to throw away.

Thank goodness I still have one of Wayne’s cowboy shirts left to enjoy more adventures.

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2 Responses to “Adios Amigo”

  1. Howdi! is Your name John Wayne? tooting rooting son of a gun cowboy, or are you a brumie story teller? Do not say! I enjoyed the telling of the tale, as for the shirt, I assume it matches the figure, rather worn, brash and loud but clean and tidy and like June ‘bursting out all over’? Cowpoke!!

  2. Hi Dude, How’s your horse? Fair Dinkem cobber! How’s your kangaroo. Us cowpokes and hayseeds must stick together: what say U old chap?
    Well that’s the introduction completed now the meat in the sandwich! While you have been gallivanting around in your Wayne Shirt and High heel boots, I with Molly went last night to a ‘Strauss Evening of music at the Dearngate. It was a howler, I thoroughly enjoyed the light hearted way the conductor Rainer Hersch with the Strauss Orchestra and Dancers plus the vocalist displayed the range and versatility of the Strauss family and there music.
    I was at a dance of the period, then in a music hall, and finally in a symphony hall, none and yet some of the high brow aspects of a classical music concert A1 for me, being such a hayseed.
    I could even have worn a Wayne shirt to the event, and still would have not looked out of place! It was an evening to enjoy which both Molly and I did. CU cobber, Dude whatever your handle is?
    cool man cool! as the tv used too say ‘Cool for Cats’!!!!

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