Blogging Around The World 2

In September last year I  wrote a post about the interesting facts that you can get from WordPress  on your blog.  You  can see this post by clicking on 30 September 2014 in the Archive.

Two milestones have just been passed since then :-

I have just reached 100 countries today, when someone from Albania visited the site.   Many thanks whoever you are, you are very welcome.

Secondly and even more remarkable, one of my correspondents — David Freeman — completed his 500th comment.  Congratulations David and my sincere thanks for the humour and wisdom you bring to the blog.

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1 Response to Blogging Around The World 2

  1. John on this blog, we have travelled many a mile or two. Time for reflection? Your first blog in Sept 2010 on research by Oxford Uni and senile dementia and Alhzimiers.
    You initial guidance was that society in the GB/UK could not go on footing the national care and welfare bill, and that all of us while younger had to look into ways of being self financing, and less of a burden on society! Fine words, how the solution is a little more complex I would like to suggest.
    My wife and I as younger persons had invested in a house (Modest), with the then 25 mortgage-which lasted 30 years: so we could at retirement be mortgage and property debt free. This we managed with a struggle and raising a family at the same time.
    When we came to retirement our savings were modest (Lump sum from my pension only). We discussed this situation many hours into the night and realised we would have too at some stage downsize if anything or death over ran one of us, and left us with only one pensionable income: Then the survivor was to be in dire straits.
    At this point in retirement an opportunity arose; which we considered and took action upon, and today remain very happy with the joint decision we undertook.
    The Opportunity.
    This was a retirement village, with flats, one could buy rent of have shared ownership in.
    The initial consideration was that one invested a property at its original market price, any subsequent market fluctuation, was to the benefit of the provider of the retirement village.
    The cost one had to consider seriously whether one rented/shared or leased-(Bought)?
    Then there was the problem of upkeep (gutter cleaning, painting-repainting the house/replacing double glazing/gardening upkeep and the physical agility this required, relaying the driveway, kitchen and bathroom updates and general decoration throughout the house. This was in addition to feeding one’s self/keeping the house warm-paying for the heating system with guarantees and maintenance insurance, lighting and rewiring costs at some point, and general household property and contents insurance
    I know we all have these costs!! However we did consider the down side, and then the upside in the leased property, these costs were replaced by a weekly maintained cost, ( One could to some extent budget against those costs as mentioned previously in the preceding paragraph, for the foreseeable future.) not cheap, but within our pensionable income, and if one of us died, there was support for the survivor in the way of financial advice and guidance, together with the initial risks we had to consider was that we had hopefully balance the equation such that either of us could survive on one pension.
    This is all high finance to us but the golden coin of our way of life in the retirement village of our choice is that as we moved in with likeminded people over 55 years of age, and a mixture of age profiles from 55 to 100 with mixed mobility and social aspirations we have become not sitters in a community of commuters who travel to the local/next big city, but a viable self sustaining community, and who ever survives from the pair of us besides family we will hopefully have neighbours who we have known for a long period of time, and who have come to appreciate like us that the older one gets the more forgetful one becomes, but familiarity of people and places is home with security: This is or was one of our objectives listening those years ago to You John as you represented The Extracare Charitable Trust, and shared your vision of a retirement Village, and what it could mean. No Regrets so far: Good luck with your next project.

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