“Olive Branch”

In their relentless pursuit of health and wealth, our friends at “Boots the Chemist” have found another breakthrough product.  (See my earlier encounters with Boots by clicking on “Poorly Feet” in the TAG CLOUD).

They have revived an age old remedy known to have been used by the ancient Egyptians to mummify Royalty.  I am not sure that sounds like a great recommendation for senior citizens.  I wonder how Her Majesty feels about endorsing it with her Royal Seal of Approval.

The product is based on the Olive Tree – not the oil or the fruit – but extract from the leaves.

Now for the scientific bit.  It is full of Oleuropein and Hydroxtyrsol which are anti-oxidants that support heart health.  It also lowers Triglycerides which are blood fats linked to heart problems.

You have to say that anything that can eliminate all those long words from your medical records with a few swigs from a bottle must be good for you.

A study reviewed in the Journal of Complete Nutrition, found a twice a day 500mg dose of olive extract reduced blood pressure as effectively as prescription tablets.

So we really have to congratulate Boots on bringing this new product to our attention just 2000 years after mummifying all those Egyptian Kings and Queens.  Our health is in their good hands.


Just one small problem – OVIVO ORGANIC LEAF INFUSION is £13.00 a bottle which contains 7 servings.  One serving is recommended every day so that’s £2 per day or £730 a year!

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1 Response to “Olive Branch”

  1. I am at a loss? Does one swig the contents as you may imply! Or do you embrace the body with lots of Masuriers and hand maidens to wipe ones sweated brow? With all those long words, and chemical elements I would prefer the hand maiden treatment, and quietly drift off into sweet dreams of yesteryear, with all the passion and hot bloodied memories I can concocht?
    See you in your sarcophogus!!!! My has hyroclphics of the karma sutra on the underside of the lid. Boy oh boy do i dream? not with you but with my hand maidens.!!!

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