“Cloud Surfing 1”

This follows on from my last blog where I am looking for positive images of older people.  If you start off by surfing the net and type in “Old People” into Google, what you tend to find is adverts for the largest national old peoples’ organisations, old peoples’ health stories and Government organisations for older people.  Valuable as they are, these sites are not exactly inspiring.

As an alternative, I follow a number of subjects on a “Flipboard” site and after searching through a number of magazines, I eventually found a reference to a number of sites of interest to older people.  The one that struck my attention was “Road Scholar”.  This is an American travel site which specialises in educational tours.  It’s a not for profit organisation with headquarters in Boston and is primarily geared to educational travel tours for older adults.

Cloud surfing 2

I’m not sure if their holidays include cloud surfing or are quite as adventurous as the 100’s of people that went abseiling, climbing, canoeing and horse riding with the ExtraCare Charitable Trust in Devon, but they certainly go to some exciting places around the world.

Last year they offered 4,600 trips throughout North America and around the world and offered services to over 100,000 people.

I think this is a great example of an organisation that has built itself into a positive image of ageing.  It’s offering an opportunity for individuals to travel in a safe and organised environment and fulfil ambitions that they may not have the confidence to complete on their own.

To find out more, click on the following link:-

Road Scholar

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2 Responses to “Cloud Surfing 1”

  1. R U That ‘Rhodes Schollary Type’, or R U Thinking of traveling to Rhode Island USA, and the travel in your minds eye worldwide?
    You are certainly treating my mind to new thoughts! For Instance the picture of HM the QUEEN in the press at the weekend, all four sides exposed and pictured/photograpghed all at once- Her Majesty looks I believe resplendent, and regal: What has this too do with you? I wonder how you may look photographed from all four sides? I trust most noble and honourable, not an oversized gentleman of a certain mid-drift with that inscrutable smile! Still beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I love your lively mind, which wonders lonely as a clound, and flutters like a butterfly from flower to flower, or some may say fruit to fruit! My old fruit do not rot on the tree but ripen into a wonderful crisp ‘Pink Lady’ Just asking to be enjoyed? I do like your sojurns of the mind.

  2. I am here, ‘can you see me mother?’ Remember ‘over the garden wall’ bbc radio light programe. I have a moan of types! BT my favourite friend I like to talk too? My recent bill landed on my matt, I looked at it and was flabergasted, my debit had increased beyond my means, and the Invoked standing order was of an amount- that was unbelievable.
    I took the noble decision to contact as per my bill BT-website, what a ‘cock up’! I just wished to contact them with my comments, and discuss with an operator my perceived problems. The web site was full of drop down windows/icons of help, and the contact BT icon kept referring to a page with pictures and headings on for such definite subjects as: Faults technical;landline;mobiles;a bill; and some more supposed helpful icons; I espied at the lower edge of the page the written words ‘contact us’ EUREAKA? alas I was put back to a page where I had to identify the service I required? OK I entered landline! Eureaka again I got all the icons, and at the bottom of the web page the ‘contact us? I was in a loop and going gaga and loopy all at the same time!!
    I then resorted to the telephone number for the help/contact line! Eureaka I was answered by a human being, a most pleasant of ladies! How ever she was from some Asiatic call center, and programmed like a machine: WE both had to exercise politeness and patience.
    My wishes were to know: 1
    What contract i was on with BT: 2- Could I renegotiate my contract? and 3 were there any penalty clauses?
    Thg up shot, I have not a clue of what I am discussing, I am talking to a human processed like a machine, and of a different culture( Understands money and what is owed), but not the pleasantries of business, and contract inuenduo’s. I remain perplexed until I can read the written word, and understand more fully the legal complexities I have undertaken- Its a machine BT are a machine? Very necessary but full of gobbledey gook, with good intentions but no heart, for the unfortunate old codgers of the modern British Society.

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