“Cloud Surfing 2”

I am continuing on my summer surfing holiday exploring the internet for interesting and positive sites about older people.

Like the early explorers searching for “the new world”, you’re not sure where you are going, nor exactly what you are looking for.  Inevitably there are lots of blind alleys which turn into dead ends.  It can be very frustrating and it is not always easy to re-trace your steps, even with your computer’s history leaving your tracks behind you.  Hours can go by, 100’s of web pages written and read and you still don’t find anything interesting.

Almost all internet searches pull you towards America and somewhere on my travels I found a reference to a statement by the American Association of Retired Persons which claimed that only 3% of all bloggers are elderly.

So I find myself like Christopher Columbus sailing through unchartered waters, absolutely sure that there are new things to discover ahead of me.  So far though, my cloud surfing has revealed no new worlds.  I will redouble my efforts, hang off the highest masts with my telescope and look for “land ahoy”.

Cloud surfing 2A

Tomorrow is another day!

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1 Response to “Cloud Surfing 2”

  1. Hello sailor of the new world! How are you? Thinking aloud, I retraced my history of western eurorope and the older adventures, and the east was the then target, the new world was a complete suprise, so Marco Polo-overland to china; Vasco de garma to Africa and india and the far east by sea; Megallan, and Drake just circumnavigated the world; and spain with its history of developing southern american as we know it today: John Cabot and New foundland!
    All this history, and I am still amused by your stories and bloggs. All these countries have an old population, who make speak a different language, be of a different culture, but thanks to the ‘Yanks’ and WWII english and western influlances have perculated this globe of ours.
    Palavouius Francya? (Spelling ) our old adversities, and nearest neighbours, but they did have a revolution and believe in the common man! Not forgetting the Scananavians who beat the hell out of the ancient brits, raped and pillaged their way through the UK, and our old neighbours of Moscow, they are still a culture to be reckon with?
    Then I as I recline in my chair reread this piece of blog I have forgotten our middle eastern berthern who dicuss religion, dates, sand oil and camels, along with the Isrealites and Persians, this world of ours is full of history, and your blog brings all these different aspects of life to my mind, and I just ‘bleather on’ endlassly. But I hope for some reason? One is to cleans my soul, and speak my mind.
    I now am retiring to my polanesian islands with desert island discs blaring out on my steam radio, and all those grass skirted girls doing a dance to music both activities which mesmorise me and enchant me.
    Good Day Cobber its Friday, the weekend cometh, and I am in dreamland. CU!!

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