“Cloud Surfing – Millie Garfield”

Continuing to surf around in my quest for interesting blogs by older people, I eventually found a piece of treasure.

A blog by Millie Garfield – a 91-year-old young lady who lives in Boston, USA.

Millie has been blogging since 2003, so must have been one of the first older bloggers.  What caught my eye was her latest blog about a manicure she had – not a natural thing to grab my attention except the picture of Millie showed her looking years younger than her age and her new varnish was BLUE.

Cloud surfing Millie

A great example of someone who is younger than their age.

Looking back through the blog, I find Millie has in the past made YouTube videos on the difficulties of packaging for older people, which is a theme I have often blogged about (click on “Packaging” in the TAG CLOUD).

Millie, you’re a star and I am glad I found you.  You can see her if you click on the following link:

My Mom’s Blog” by thoroughly Modern Millie.

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1 Response to “Cloud Surfing – Millie Garfield”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    John There is an interesting program on BBC Radio 4 Mon-Fri 1.45pm “How to Have a Better Brain.” I have emailed you direct with the feature from the Sunday Telegraph. Possibly all your readers may like to listen.

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