“Cloud Surfing – Obama’s old age”

So far I have only found a few interesting sites about remarkable older people, although there are a lot of older bloggers, mainly in America who have interesting stories to tell.  It has taken hours of relatively aimless surfing to find them.  (You can read about my travels by clicking on “Cloud Surfing” in the TAG CLOUD).

At last my cloud surfing adventure finally seems to have led me to something more substantial in terms of social policy.

Today I surfed all the way across the Atlantic and washed up at a conference at the White House.  It took a bit of time surfing that far so I arrived late :-).  It actually took place on 13th July.

The American Conference on Ageing has taken place every 10 years since 1961.  On arrival my first problem was my Google door key had hundreds of options but no obvious directions.  So, I went down lots of blind alleys for a while, which seems to be the way with cloud surfing.

Eventually I found a video podcast of President Obama making his introductory speech.   President Obama at the 2015 Conference on Ageing (Click here if you have 20 minutes to spare).

President Obama made a very polished speech, with lots of self congratulations about the funding of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  Evidently America truly is a land of milk and honey.  Though I don’t suppose that President Obama’s old age will be dependent on Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security

He did then mention that 10,000 Americans reach 65 every day.

Then he pointed out:

  • Medicare and Medicaid are under demographic pressure and in deficit, so there is a need to “slow the growth of health care costs”.  Sounds like code for cuts for the 9 million people on Medicaid.
  • Americans are not saving enough for retirement and many have to live only on social security.
  • They have a problem with high fees and biased advice for financial products for the elderly.
  • 1/3 of Americans do not have a workplace pension.
  • Quality and safety in nursing homes is a big issue.
  • They are going to train more prosecutors to combat elder abuse.
  • Half of all Americans are expected to experience severe financial needs.

This rather takes the shine off President Obama’s message but sounds very similar to the situation in the UK!

It certainly was a polished politician’s speech but it didn’t sound as though President Obama’s promises would amount to very much action.


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1 Response to “Cloud Surfing – Obama’s old age”

  1. I spent time watching this mentioned speech by the. current US President. I also have read the piece which gives ,the resume’ of the speech.
    I make here personal comments with respect to the UK and the USA.
    THe alleged shortfall by individuals and the state provisions for a citezens retirement, is common to the UK and USA according to our academic media, as they present the facts. With the populations of both countries and the current death rate, we apparently are approaching a majority of the population, living in retirement: thus drawing on the state and fund providers of pensions, to provide finance without the ability of these said citezens to replenish or earn fresh funds.
    We therefore on our crowded island (UK) p0pulation wide may have to encourage new immigrants (and an population to increase the birthrate?) of skill and a working age to enable the UK PLC to deduct taxes and NI deductions such that the older generation of retirement can be sustained in or at the living standard, that they personally made provision for? Political dogma takes over here as to what is a fair distribution of taxes, equitable to all citezens
    What now becomes a conflict of interest, especially within the UK is health, or the question of health. I as many of my fellow citezens expect the NHS service to be free and available at point of use immediately, regardless of who I am? Now the problem? How do we socially accept these problems: for instance do we have a ranked level of ailment/illness, based on urgency, endangerment of life expectancy, or just simply age, or non working population???? Hells bells this is not on, but has to be thought through in a logical, non emotional manner based upon the accountability of monies earned by the state from its taxes, and their distribution to encourage the state remain debt free, and with sufficient extra income to invest in the future of the apparatus of state for the benefit of the state and its citezens.
    Maybe the older generation are within the UK asset/property rich and expectations of cashing in these assets does not realise the current cost of living and taxes as being experienced by the UK state of today: The answer I am not sure about? the solution is for all of us to take decisions after a useful interactive conversations by all people in the UK. including migrants over the age of adulthood.
    I dare not enter the welfare debate, but that is also critical to the state of the UK.
    European politics may influanace these arguments? That is up to you the reader.


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