“Bungalow Heaven”

I was reflecting on my last blog “Bungalow Wild Goose Chase” and wondered what would happen if we turned everything on its head and did what the customers want e.g. build bungalows everywhere?

One of the arguments against building bungalows is that they take up too much land, often in the Green Belt.  The reality is that there is lots of land lying fallow.  We are even subsidising some farmers to keep it unused to encourage more habitat for wildlife.  How about if we put the needs of older people ahead of the birds and bees.

We would have to loosen the Green Belt around our cities and towns, but there again, you often have to let out a notch or two on your belt as you get older.

Planners would have to undo lots of the restrictions they have built up over the years.  Rather than stopping development, they should be encouraging it, if we are going to solve our housing shortage.

Factory built homes could be quickly dropped down on green fields requiring minimal extensions to infrastructure.  No new schools, nor new shopping centres.  Maybe just a corner shop and a village hall.

Bungalow Heaven 1

The land value problem would be overcome if farmers were only paid a slight uplift on the agricultural value of their land.  No doubt there would be opposition to this, but it is only how it used to be before planners and Governments interfered.

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3 Responses to “Bungalow Heaven”

  1. Standing on my head, letting the blood rush to my brains, my nether regions become somewhat loose, and my pennies fall out of my pockets! I need time to digest all this ‘Bungalow Bill’ information, and those planners. I will respond when upright again and have a little more common sense? At present I am confused, bewildered and bewitched, and not a sight to behold.
    I now retire to my think tank for a response! CU Later alligator!!!

  2. alasadir says:

    This is a great idea in principle, but you have already highlighted two key issues, the need for a corner shop and the land value aspect. The corner shop can be easily addressed in a number of ways, most notably by (possibly supported) internet shopping or through the old ‘shop in a bus’ idea, perhaps brought up to date as a hybrid of a showroom and internet shop. The biggest problem is the land value, government might impose the ‘slight uplift’ concept on the farmers but once occupied how do you keep a lid on the house value? If the system is open to misuse it will be, not unlike Motability which has now been so tightened up due to ‘family’ misuse, it lacks flexibility.

    Certainly putting a small group of retirement bungalows in the centre of land destined for the encouragement of natural flora and fauna would be a concept close to the hearts of of the residents. Just like allotments, a local committee could check on standards and help could be provided where ability doesn’t quite match expectation.

    Perhaps the answer is in a hybrid of bungalow ownership and managed community. In this environment, those with reduced physical ability could trade their mental ability and experience for a bit of digging and mowing, the potential seems attractive?

  3. Dear John, I submit for your consideration and epistle?
    I am now upright, standing on my own feet, mind swirling around and all my marbles in their correct place, and pockets, with all my money!
    Maybe metaphorically I am a cowboy aboard this horse of mine, riding willy nilly over the web, and the vexing conundrum of ‘ Bungalows’; and all the listed blogs that you have entered on your website with the words ‘Bungalow’ in?
    Some going back a few years and banter I have enjoyed commenting upon:
    a. To start- cost of land, green belt, farmers lying fallow land for wild life (Subsidies), belts need tightening as one ages.
    b. The vision of green belt land and prefabricated housing-Built in specialised factories such as (HOFF HOUSING )of Germany, or that company in Cumbria highlighted on TV More 4 Grand Designs, programme?
    c. Then the village complex comprising of just homes and dwellings for the elderly with a village hall, and a corner shop-ACSCDAR has responded to this aspect on life within the (this) blog, with comments such as digging, mowing and general help in managing an estate/village/complex for the older persons.

    John you then ride into the sunset with ‘Bungalows wild goose chase, suggesting bungalows are the one level (No Dormer Roof accommodation), that are easy to maintain? Here one has to be careful what one wishes for? The garden if flower beds and lawns can be physically demanding and all year round maintenance with- Guttering, window cleaning and general upkeep of the property appearance (Painting decorating Etc.) can be also be physically demanding, and a financial cost one has to anticipate?
    There again from your blog 2.85 million elder folk wishing to live in a bungalow? Question has one thought why? Is it for me? Few of us will be able to enjoy bungalow living anyway, and are they in the desired location-town; village county? With the desired amenities.
    John I am still with you riding my bucking bronco! Next I wish to gently reflect in all your blogs concerning the ‘ARCO THEMES’ especially Marketing, and its American Dream. Where are the communities which serve and assist these cities in the sun for the older person and the possible ‘GHETTO’, complex or frame of mind? One has to have self-belief in what one may wish for?
    Looking in the mirror and throwing a pebble into the pond, one and one’s partner, has to be realistic, what if? In the later years of old age.
    I have had three major phases in my personal life to consider, since I was first married:
    1 A starter family home on a working income?
    2 When the family children leave home, moving to a house of our desires with roses around the door, and then,
    3 Where we are now? Retiring, growing older with the possible prospects of bereavement of one’s partner!-The ravages of time and age and reduced mobility Such as dizzy when up ladders at a height, internal. external house decoration-bending and stretching, heavy and constant gardening routines, and lots more of those little jobs?
    4 An attractive and reasonable deduction, for or towards heating/lighting/water on a monthly or weekly basis. The cost that one has no control over is the council (Poll)Tax , communication costs for TV and telephones has to be considered
    5 Income tax is always the elephant in the room.

    As the pebble sends ripples to the edge of the pond, I also within the many blogs especially ARCO Dementia wonder as an old Geordie said to me: ‘ Money is round to go around? However I wonder who stops the ‘Carousel’?
    The Oldies (1960-70, s) have become the novo rich! – Cash poor but assets/property rich, and who has the monies to invest in their own paradise or future golden years. Both the persons under 55+ in age may need money to invest in family property, and those 55+ or older in age need or require monies to downsize, and pay for care: All this is market driven? Someone somewhere has to pay, and something has to give?
    The retirement village developers for the elderly, with the cost of land, and an eye to an economic return, also paly the market.
    Here one looks at the ARCO demographic blogs US America statistics are worrying when one reads that 70% of the nation’s wealth is in the assets of the baby boomers (Those born (1955-1979) age group). This may be a fact and indeed reflected in British Society or ‘Middle England’
    As I come to understand term for upward and mobile families.
    The social group of families have seriously to reflect on:
    I Where there personal pensions come from?
    Ii The value of this pension at today’s costs?
    Iii The living costs of taxes/rates, health and social welfare
    IV Who pays? Is it:
    the young
    The fellow pensioner
    Are all incomes over retirement age to be means tested?
    If you as the reader think you have the answer then think? ‘BRITEX and the floating population within the UK looking for gainful work or and employment in our British Industries such as financial services, Healthcare and manufacturing: It is not a simple solution for all citizens. Some of the UK citizens emigrate to utilise the trading value of the international money exchanges, or the seduction of low cost living offered by different counties worldwide, especially those within the EU.
    There are many thresholds to cross, and principles to be beholden too. Most of us, I for one have experienced where ones family forefathers, lived in close knit communities, and property was passed down within the immediate family: Cash was not available to pass on to the later generations, except if ones distant relative died and had no offspring the property was sold and the proceeds passed down to the surviving relatives; usually shared equitably among the family.
    One of the disturbing events in the 1980’s? Was the notorious trial of Doctor Harold Shipman? This basically was a criminal intent by Shipman when attending the elderly patients on his client list, and bringing to an earlier than expected termination of life for the elderly patient. At the time it was dealt with by the justice system! However the upshot and patient/doctor relationship has to be based on business-regulatory agreement, between essentially two adults and emphasised and highlighted by patient/doctor these days is not one of ‘trust’, but by statue, and to some extent not even the more cerebral considerations of the ‘Hippocratic oath’.
    John I am almost at the end, one finial rant.
    John what we have in ‘bungalow metaphor and Mind-set 2013, considered in the broadest sense what is retirement? What does it mean to each of us as we enter our golden years, and dotage- The reader may wish to refer to these blogs and gently reflect on what I have been discussing in the current blog, and come to their own conclusion?

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