“Bungalow conflation”

I have never had a conflation before, but it is a trendy word to use, which is in the news a lot recently, so hear goes.   My last two blogs have been about the planners restrictions on building houses and the desire of many older people to retire to a bungalow.    Let’s try and conflate these two ideas.   The planners want higher density housing to limit the need for building on green field sites, which directly conflicts with the demand from older people for more bungalows.    Indeed the last thing the planners would want is lots of bungalows dotted all over the place😟     How about we turn the bungalow aspirations into large specially designed retirement flats, with level access throughout and lifts to all other floors.    Then add a range of facilities on your doorstep, including a shop, a coffee bar and some activity spaces.   That way you will have plenty to do, rather than being isolated in the country.   Let’s call it a retirement village !   Better still locate it in the town where you already live.    That way you will still be close to your family and friends and the planners will be able to keep their green belt.    So everyone will be happy 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 and heave a lot more fun in retirement !


Conflation is not a bad idea !

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5 Responses to “Bungalow conflation”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    Sounds good John. Throw in the view of a professional rugby pitch from the balcony, place your order with bar and match day is perfect. That’s the men sorted. what can we do for the ladies?

    • Jon are u a northern lad (North of watford? do you rememeber Machester Belle VUE it supposedly had funfairs etc, a cheaper Blackpool with no seaside. From my youth 1950’s I seem to remember coach parties going there besides the speedway?

    • PDHulme says:

      From my memory Ryfields Village has a view of a Rugby Pitch. ECT ahead of the game!


  2. JON, be careful of what you wish for? If designed correctly gentlemen and ladies can enjoy each others company, in all the spaces JOhn lists. The communal areas such as the hall/restaurant/bar/café/gym, and library, with reception, and designated craft and meeting rooms can accommodate both ladies and gentlemen, who may be friends of a village, residents or extended family, can meet and have activities such as art- card making-knitting-painting/dance-various types/card playing/and special groups and cares for those mentally or physical less mobile-
    social evenings and shows/dances with professional music input.
    The idea of segregated male and female activities, may not be as fundamental as JON points out, or so obvious.
    Then again with active ‘street meetings’ and a vibrant residents committee, the staff and village residents and friends are encouraged to continual challenge the ‘status quo’ and encourage the village to be vibrant, and living.
    AS an original concept one of the principles for an Extracare Charitable trust village was that the Organisation provided the fabric and buildings of the village! The residents with guidance gave heart and spirit to the village, and we all aspired to within reason help to live the dream of a ‘Village Community’ with a purpose to support and provide a retirement with responsibility and golden years, if one was minded to take part and join in village life.

  3. DEar Jon Cleaver, or may I say John our comment on a professional rugby pitch bring many memories back to me? Eddie Warring, Bradford Northern, Hull, Hull Kingston Rovers, Pontefract, Wakefield, Featherstone Rovers, Hunslet, Bramley, Wigan, Warrington, Widnes, St Helens, and many more in that old two league system of 13 men playing rugby. No Town south of say Nottingham can I remember, except the annual pilgrimage to Wembley for the ‘Challenge Cup’,. As an apprentice learnt from a fellow colleague that in Cockermouth , his home town the school winter sport curriculum was Rugby with 13 players?
    Then today now one can listen to the band BBC2 Radio, and those names Hammonds sauce Shipley, Black Dyke, Brickhouse and Raistrick,, Grymthorpe,.
    Do keep talking Jon it is good to rattle those bones or grey cells

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