Retirement Housing – A Market Overview

I have written a lot about the current state of the retirement housing market in the last twelve months,though it mainly reflects the relative inactivity in a stalled housing economy.    ( You can see my earlier posts by clicking on “Retirement Housing” in the topics list)

At a time when more and more of the baby boomer generation are entering retirement age and looking for new options in later life, there is a massive mismatch between demand and supply.   Or, perhaps more accurately between aspirations and opportunities.  There are simply not enough houses on the supply side, however, the demand is skewed by a host of factors related to both affordability and suitability.

There are expected to be an extra 3.5 million older households in England by 2033.   A 60% increase, which will mean that a third of all households will be occupied by people aged over 65.

Currently only 2% of older people live in specialist age related housing.  This has the potential to rise to 5% in the next decade, but only if the supply of new retirement housing increases dramatically.

It is a great opportunity, if we take it, or leads to a big problem, if we don’t.

I will expand on this theme in the days ahead.

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1 Response to Retirement Housing – A Market Overview

  1. I just wonder, the media are having a ‘field day’ concerning the labour party leader and its nelly proposed ideological suggested manifesto: nationalise RAILWAYS, DOWN SIZE DEFENCE OF THE UK, DOWNSIZE THE SECURITY SERVICES =BIG BROTHER-MI6 AND 5, AND I SUSPECT THE REGULAR POLICE FORCE.
    WE ALL live in utopia with the world at large. These columns blogs are not political, and I agree not intended to be! However as the largest growing sector of the population over 55’s, I wish to pose a question, should the policies above be invoked ?? What then is in it for me and my fellow over 55’s of the voting population, are we to see:
    A robust retirement home rebuilding programme- not studio or one bedroom flats but two bedroom apartments with fitted kitchen and all mod cons, and a sizable wet room to allow wheelchair-disabled access and usage and a vestibule/hall and spacious lounge sitting room
    Is this the dream , or is it power to the workers and unions, and jobs for the boys and one has to pay a union levy to receive the benefits of this new ‘Labour’ dream? To whom do they wish to appeal too. For instance are the over 55’s cannon fodder, and expats dispatched to Switzerland for a short stay, and recommended end? Answers on a post card please!!
    Labour appear to be saying there is monies to go around, if we divide the national cake by other considerations? What about the over 55’s.

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