“Pets on Prescription”

Pets often steal your heart.  This lovely little lady called Tilly, has certainly stolen mine. She takes me for a walk most days and that guarantees lifting your mood for the rest of the day.  A study says they do a lot more than that!


A report in the American Heart Association Journal “Circulation”, concludes “pet ownership not only helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure, it has been shown to reduce depression and loneliness”.

A study of more than 5,200 adults shows dog owners are engaged in more walking and physical activity than non-owners.  (It took a genius and lots of research dollars to work that out) 🙂


I am supposed to be taking Tilly for a walk most days but in reality she leads the way most of the time and I’m the one trying to catch up.

Perhaps the nations GP’s should link up with the RSPCA and start  prescribing pets instead of pills !!!

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2 Responses to “Pets on Prescription”

  1. I will leave all the oous and rrrs for our reader? A dog is a good and faithful companion, a commitment for life, throughout your life and theirs.
    I wish to drift and dream a little, while you may go ‘walkies’, i have a shaggy dog story!!
    I am a young man dreaming of that Polynesian atoll, those duskie maidens, and endless sunshine: while on my travels i think of home, my loved ones and a sweetheart in Blighty, who would love to share the reality of what I am drifting and dreaming about, as i sailed the seven seas on my rust bucket of an oil tanker.
    Still back to reality and a wuffer, or pooch? as a young boy I belonged to the scout movement- The 10th. Airedale cub pack, and scout troop,. I was enrolled first of all as a ‘tenderfoot’ before I was admitted to the group- I had to recite and understand both my promise, and the cub scout law, and then read and understand a little of the cub/scout movement by reading and talking to the leaders on what was expected of me as a cub/scout in society, and the role of the original cubs/scouts that Baden Powell envisaged and experienced in his days in Southern Africa in the Boer Wars. STILL I have not mentioned this wuffer?? well when I was granted my ‘Tenderfoot badge, and others (cap-Shirt/jumper, and shoulder strip and pack or patrol flash ( red six and then in scouts the Kingfisher patrol-, and in seniors scouts Mallory), we were issued with a neckerchief emblem scout district badge, and that was a head and shoulders view of an ‘AIREDALE Dog’.
    Why an Airedale you may ask? well the scout district was in the northwest area of LEEDS on the side of the Airedale Valley, and covered Horseforth and Aireborough district council areas. So i may not walk a wuffer/ pooch or hound, but I have my dog at heart, and I remain young with my memories.

  2. Gillian Farmer says:

    Oh Uncle John, I never expected to see my photo on Grumble Smiles this morning, what a lovely surprise, but the story Is even more interesting, because I didn’t realise how much you enjoyed our daily ventures. Perhaps, therefore we could have them more often….not a chance!!!🐶🐶

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