SCRAP Step 26 Taking Stock Again

It is now three months since I started my war on clutter.    It is time to review how I am getting on, because it is taking a lot of time and effort and things don’t seem a lot different.

So is is worth all the hassle?

  • Well it has given me something to do around the house in the winter, when I can’t get out in the garden.    That’s a start 😀
  • I don’t miss anything I have got rid of and I enjoyed the bonfires of paperwork 😀
  • There are a few spaces beginning to open up on shelves and in drawers, so long as I don’t find things to fill them up again 😀
  • My sock drawers are a JOY to use, but that is the only small victory so far 😀
  • Oh and I have found some long lost photographs and several interesting books to relook at 😀
  • I have a plan for what to do with surplus socks in future,   — and pins, paper clips, etc . 😀
  • I will never need to buy any envelopes ever again   — and I have still got lots of purple box files to give away 😀

BUT  on the downside :-

  • My biggest disappointment is my office ☹️😩😨😤       I have cleared tons of stuff out of it and yet it still looks a mess.     In some senses it is tidier — things are filed away, there’s no pending tray,  a lot less box files ( although a few still survive ).     The trouble is that the loose ends are still in my head 😩
  • On the wardrobe front I still have many more clothes than I need and even though my summer clothes are now more neatly stored in boxes, I would have to wear a different outfit every day for a year before I used them all.     Mind you you that would save on a lot of washing ☹️
  • Then there are my garden sheds, I have left them until it gets warmer.   But that is a mountain to climb.    Probably quite literally 😧

So I guess I just have to keep on schucking and chucking and plucking and ducking and —-ing and hopefully a lot more tucking.

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4 Responses to SCRAP Step 26 Taking Stock Again

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Hello John, good morning, we have both been in contact with each other on ‘smiles and grumbles site! I await until you release this comment into cyber space before commenting further? However I am intrigued, and as ‘spring ‘ is around the corner, and you as a young gazelle biting at the bit, I await for the new shoots before I nibble away at an old friend. David


  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Goodness gracious me ‘Doctor’ i am in trouble as the song by sophia loren to peter sellers goes? You are in full swing with George and Walts’ book. Every chapter is relevant to ones life? What one must have now is an anthem or should I dare quote a ‘Swansong’, and in one phrase or word: how does one sum up ones life, besides paying for the fee, and buying a book, on how to relate to ones wonderful mind? either; madness, tranquillity,or just that one among many memories one has had in a lifetimes of living


  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I sense dear John, that your office both at home,and place of work, with that proverbial ‘clock’, was where one measured time during times of gainful employments: Now alas all gone! with the ravages of time, you are only left with friends, and dear Mo! all your work colleagues are but a distant past.
    But hey! wait a minute, you reside in some Warwickshire out post, does it have a visit of a weekly library? greengrocer?, butchers boy? Betterware/kleezey salesman? A Morman or Johovia’s witness god calling misionaries? a chinese take away? or some other task- school patrol warden? Or just a park bench under an old tree, that one can spend the time whiling away the day?
    The choices are endless, for some of the tasks all you need is a delivery bike, with a large basket into which-depending on the day one can become one of the above, and trade/hike ones wares around the village, at the same time, emptying, and selling trading in all that clutter. Should one be adventurous, one could possibly ride all the way to Rugby Town, and set up a market stall, or apply to British Rail to be a travelling evangelist in curly sandwiches on some god forsaken express, returning home to Mo in the evening, tired worn out but happy to be home with a loved one.
    Are you the evangelist for retirement living? are you a man or a mouse? or just plain John, the man that time forgot??? Rock away on your porch, or tell tall tall stories upon your park bench of your choice! You are still missed and loved.

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I am taking ‘um-bridge” and going on a quiet rant! I am disappointed in the view expressed by the as stated Professor Wendy Savage of the BMA., as alleged by his weeks Mail on Sunday.
    THE 20TH CENTUARY, underwent some terrible acts of violence and political dogma, with respect to a perfect ‘Arian Race’, are we again going to succumb and appease such actions? I trust not!

    Together with the current extreme views on euthanasia,( for the old and maybe infirmed), we are becoming at least in thought a science fiction mythical society, with no concepts or feelings, as to what is right or wrong? Our children would become mere animals of survival and not a species with ideals and cherished thoughts of a right and just society for all mankind, or in indeed ‘ a ‘gods world’, with all of us and the animal kingdom, as I have come to believe in, in my 75 years on this planet-earth?
    John has visited these subjects in principle before some time back? Now history has caught us up and must we reinvent the wheel?? There are many sides to the questions being asked? However as a human society, with compassionate thoughts, and some moral fibre for what is right or wrong? We should be able to understand one and other view point, without sensationalism, and damn right ill considered view points, and dogma.!!!

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