My Garden Age 3

It’s been a three years since I last wrote about my garden.  (You can see all the earlier posts on my garden by clicking on “My Garden Age” in the TAG CLOUD).

This year has been a particularly good year for Bluebells and right now in the middle of May my garden is absolutely full of them.  There seem to be more and more of them every year, rather like the numbers of older people in our society.  I think society should learn to appreciate older people for the beauty and colour they bring to each new Spring.

The bluebells capture the whole garden for a few weeks in May.     A woodland retreat wrested from the daffodlil spring.

Let’s see what joys Summer will bring.  Perhaps older people will be celebrating a whole new outlook on later life after the 2017 General Election.  When, who knows, the Last Laugh Loony Party may just get elected, or at least be in a coalition where they hold the balance of power.  That will certainly bring a lot of wisdom, beauty and colour to the Brexit negotiations.

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1 Response to My Garden Age 3

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Beautiful, with many happy memories to match. As a young boy I would leave home, and go down ito Cragg Wood and play with my school friend John Telford in the woodland, here we would be Robin Hood, William hide and seek, and at this time of the year the woodland would be a carpet of blue and white ‘Bluebells’. We would scramble across boulders and rocks, and hide in caves! Playing with John and his many friends from the wood. We all went to Rawdon Littelemoor School, were Mr jackson was the headmaster, and Mr Jones the Sports master. Miss Busfield was the dragon of a teacher, with a small correction cane to swipe quickly across the back of the hand, or turn over and receive a blessing from this august cane for talking in class! Whack-OH ah!! and stop making that noise laddie was the instruction.
    Then as a early teenager going down to Cragg Wood and Apply Bridge railway station goods yard sitting on the wall as a ‘nurd’ with my friend Alan train spotting [LMS-Leeds Carislise Line] waiting for both the north and south bound ”double headed named” Thames Clyde Express, What a catch.
    Later in life as a apprentice and young marine engineer, the ‘romanticism ‘ of travel by train was to company and shipping industry training courses, to be given the hallowed words of wisdom, of how to be a good ship mate, and an ambassador for the company?? In quiter moments I would dream of a loco, and the ”Bluebelle Line preservation society, or if I was in a more frivolous mood ‘ Monmarte’-Paris [Moulon Rouge?] and the ‘Bluebelle’ girls with legs up to their arm pits, and costumes to make a younger man dribble, with dreams of heaven.
    Then again we would take our our children for a walk along the old railway line in Wetherby, admire this time of the year the wild flowers, and bushes, and pick a small bunch of ‘bluebells” at this time of the year, take them home to grannies and grandpa’s house where the bluebells would be put in a small jam jar on the window shelf, to admire, All very simple, but great memories of loved ones and how good life can be!!

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