Last Laugh Looney Party on Gadgets

The world is getting too complicated.    We are being overloaded with too many things.    I learned that from my de-cluttering days.    The Last Laugh Looney Party will lead us forward into a much simpler life.        A life with less possessions, less things to go wrong, less new fangled gadgets which are supposed to make life easier, BUT DONT.

If we are successful in the election, every house-hold will be restricted to a maximum of THREE GADGETS.    You can choose any three, but no more :-

  • COOKER —- number 1 choice for most people, but some may decide to eat out all the time or live on salads 😀
  • TELEVISION —- desired by many, but remember there are a lot less channels to watch and no remote controls, so you will have to get up to change channels.
  • speaking of WATCHES or a CLOCK —– you could have one, but what is the point, when you have all the time in the world in retirement 😀
  • SCOOTER —- no cars remember, alternatively roller skates could be fun .
  • COMPUTER —– desirable to keep a link to the outside world and  could double as a telephone, a clock, a sound system, and probably a lot more that I haven’t discovered yet ?????
  • The TEASMAID,  the BREADMAKER, the COFFEE MACHINE, the  all singing,  all dancing, healthy eating, BLENDER all of which have been used at least once before they were put in the back of the kitchen cupboard three years ago can all go to the local museum 😫
  • Along with the ROWING MACHINE, which never did get me fit enough for the boat race.
  • WASHING MACHINE —– can be replaced with a wash board or just a large flat stone in the garden.    The TUMBLE DRYER can now be a simple line outside.
  • CARS  —-  are gadgets, but you won’t need one if you move to one of the LLLP Island Resorts.   Mobility scooters will be exempt from the gadget rules.

Immediately after the results of the election, there will be a massive de-cluttering.    All surplus gadgets will given  to charity and then passed on to people who don’t have enough gadgets.

This LLLP MASSIVE GIVE-AWAY should secure enough votes to get them elected with a big majority.   This policy is fully costed and should save older people £millions in insureance premiums.

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2 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party on Gadgets

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Dear Sir! You are certainly, a gentleman of the older age mindset; congratulations.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I have perused your ‘gadget list’, from top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side and still I cannot find on or , maybe two of my gadgets to name and shame!
    As you state most are pure clutter, and life is a meal, being digested, and then discharged with honours down the LOO! [metaphorically speaking], what one keeps depends on ones decline into ‘dementia’ and ones ”where with all”?
    I am totally confused by your list, and I am not clear enough in my thought process [Thinking] to to only select 3 {three) items, and I am frustrated, and annoyed and even cross with you personally? There is no mention of a daily or weekend newspaper [or periodical]? If the Looney Party are even mentioned, never mind elected, I wish to iron, press, and catalogue and bind the issue[s] concerned, and not to condemn them to the proverbial nail on the back of the door of the ”NETTY”!!!
    Also, I wish a token book for pleasure, something completely different, such as ”My favourite Nursery Rhymes”, with a collection of ”Fairy Stories”, and then ”Wind In The Willows” to show where and when a ‘good’ wind blows? AS I may wish to add It is all ”Hot Air”?

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