Last Laugh Looney Party Coalition with Falkland Islands

As part of a tidying up exercise, the British Government decided to transfer responsibility of the Falkland Islands to the Last Laugh Looney Party Island Republic.  Prime Minister Theresa May, saw this as an chance to relocate all the older politicians in the House of Lords from Westminster to a place where they can be less trouble in future.  The Conservative Party, with only a small majority in Parliament, saw this as a golden opportunity to complete the Brexit negotiations with far less trouble.

The LLLP were happy to accommodate the 600 or so Lords and Ladies, plus a few bishops provided they live on South Georgia.   This will save the UK a lot of money by reducing their Lordship’s expense claims and maybe they won’t have to spend so much renovating the Houses of Parliament 😀

The move will take place as soon as the new elk skin robes are ready and the portakabin debating chamber is completed.


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1 Response to Last Laugh Looney Party Coalition with Falkland Islands

  1. For those MP’s who feel ‘BREXIT’ is a call too far, I believe Teressa may may be intrested in a parliamentary seat for Falklands/South Georgia, such as the seat in West minister nominations ” The Chiltens Hundreds” How about the Last Laugh Looney Party having a seat named and nominated for those disbelievers such as ”The Seat Of Rockall” where each ‘BREXIT Politician can pronounce from on high their personal views, and squawk and chatter like a lot of angry ‘ sea Birds’?, and feed the fish with breadcrumbs of knowledge, should the native species bite.
    LoNg Live the republic-UP YOurs with a tickling stick!!!

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