Last Laugh Looney Party Monaco Negotiations

As the Brexit negotiations proceeded, the Last Laugh Looney Party Island Republic began to be noticed by other smaller countries.  Monaco had always had difficulties establishing itself as an independent country within the EU and therefore voluntarily offered to join the LLLP Island Republic.      Negotiations over the issues were smoothed by the fact that many older British millionaires lived in Monaco.     Thanks must go particularly to Ringo Starr and Dame Shirley Bassey who were delighted to be back in Britain again now that it was tax-free.

There was however one significant problem.    The LLLP were less keen to accept Sir Philip Green as a resident.    It was finally agreed to accept him in exchange for his £500m yacht which would be used in future to provide luxury holidays for older pensioners around the Mediterranean.     The old sailor David Freeman has been appointed Captain of the newest Last Laugh Looney Party yacht.      Sir Philip Green remains on the yatch working in the boiler room.


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1 Response to Last Laugh Looney Party Monaco Negotiations

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I am a little worried about the roles, and remit of the Last Laugh LOONEY Party Republic elections, which have just been annouced, by our Major DOMOO? I agree in principle with the aims and objectives, however I must question my personal role? I have been promoted to my utmost level of incompetence, which shatters my confidence.
    AS an old sea dog, I have been promoted as the captain of the LLLP Republic Yatch-not bad, but a little sad! I can read and calculate with a slide rule, what a horsepower, or a watt should be, or the output of an engine on a ”indicator diagram”, to make sure we have enough fuel to reach the next port safely: However I do need a stoker with a shovel to feed the boiler with coal/coke but never mind in this age of green!! we can employ a fireman stoker who can charge the boiler with paper to raise the steam, and everybodies temperature- never mind it is not the ‘times’ or the ‘sun’ bundles of fivers £5 that Mr Phillip Green may be trying to utalise in a more environmental, and compassionate way.
    Back to me as a sea dog, I cannot use a sextant or read the stars, so for the yatch of the LLLP Republic to sail from Port to port, I need a Commodor with appropriate scramble egg on his uniform, and no colour background on his sleeve braids, but black? not purple-engineer; red-Quack/surgeon; green- Yes??, maybe ammunitionor bullets for the public announcements, Radio-commuications or just a good old fashioned lecky to charge up ones baterries, and then white-purser/chief steward/catering.
    What a load of waffle you may say but then The LLLP REpublic is the country, islands, of hot air, with a lot of common sense, that those over 55 years of age have had with the experience in life’ rich drama, of living. By the way the LLLP Republic Yatch is driven by windpower ”A square rigger” with an auxilary boiler to provide hot water for the showers, and generate fresh water fom the salty seas of the seven seas that we may sail- Note no engines??, but a large ‘rudder or tiller’ witha a commodor at the helm. [Spelling?}

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