Last Laugh Looney Party – Brexit Update

To say that June has been a bad month for politics would be an understatement.    The 2017 General Election threw everything up in the air.    Does Brexit really mean Brexit?

Who knows?

The politicians are all trying to look like they know what they are doing making firm statements, which are then contradicted the next day.   Government Ministers appear on tele every hour of every day trotting out scripted phrases and ducking and diving difficult questions.   They all succeed in looking like a bunch of headless chickens.

The opposition parties are all busy trying to claim they have better ideas.   But again, who knows?

And these are our leaders !

The Last Laugh Looney Party is now as sane as everyone else.

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1 Response to Last Laugh Looney Party – Brexit Update

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    The Last laugh Looney Party Republic is now looking actively for new members, must be over 55 years of age, dribble at the mouth, talk incessently with common sense, and have the occassional phrase in welsh, or gaelic, blink and have a twich, and uncontollerable hand and limb movements! If you can comply with any of these requiremnts, please reply by return on this web site. If you are rude or profane, or suggestive about common sense and logic, you will be instantly promoted to the Upper House Of the LLLP political wing called , entitled the ‘ATTIC”[ ”Nearer To God”] where one can hear ones own voice above all other noises and conversations.
    By the way the joining/enrollment fee for life is an old green £5 note or annually, an old £1 coin, sent to treasurer of the LLLP.
    When the LLLP has suuficient funds, to run a pension fund for its officials, we will do a runner, with the proceeds, and lead a ”life of riley” in one of the LLLP Republic Island retreats, with men in white coats as attendents, provided we have passed the entrance test of the designated ”THREE DOCTORS/psychartrists, In a LINE” saying ” quack quack quack” you are quackers!! God bless you?

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