Last Laugh Looney Party Overseas Territories

Following the demise of the British Empire, the Last Laugh Looney Party, is not quite sure what British Overseas Territories it still owns.  But whatever, it has decided to claim them for the Last Laugh Looney Party Island Republic.     I have currently got my old stamp album out and I am looking at where they may all be.

Certainly the British Virgin Islands would be worth having because of all the money deposited there by UK citizens trying to avoid tax.

Anguilla, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands would definitely be worth adding to the Republics island portfolio because they not only have nice beaches, but a lot of banks to look after everyone’s money.

The Cocos Islands is also something we would like to acquire as John’s Dad was there in the war.  Although I am not sure if they were ever part of the British  Empire.

Saint Helena is way out in the South Atlantic and includes Ascension and Tristan Da Cuna.   They have nice stamps but virtually nothing else.   Still it was a good place to imprison  Napoleon for a while.   We could use it again to reintroduce transportation of all politicians who say nasty things about old people 😀😀😀

Then there are the South Sandwich Islands, they must be part of the Subway chain.  We will have them for lunch.

The British Antarctic Territory would be a great acquisition just in case all the mad scientists are right about global warming.    There are 70 scientists  there right now trying to prove it!     The only problem is that if it gets too hot there might not be too much of it left.      It will have all melted !

It’s probably a bit too late to claim back New Zealand and Australia but it’s worth looking at.   Especially if the All Blacks can be recruited to join the Leicester Tigers en masse.

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3 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party Overseas Territories

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    ”Poke ma hone” or sweeter words to this effect [dont ask if you do not know-this is rude]? Alas dear Doris we have an island kindom, which is near at hand, mad as a hatter, money in its capital town/city from the burgermisters of Belguim, backed by those naughty but nice bankers of Frankfurt and Paris, and we the english are detested/ and gladly sung too with a rhyme or two.
    Where am I? am I making sense? No I am in the Last laugh Looney Party Republics seat of power! ‘THE BOG”
    I am in that green and gentle land visited by leupriucauns, fairies, and a good dose of Guiness, and the ‘Liffy’ and Shannon, and the sunset in Galway Bay, where every one may look at them selves in the ‘green’ and then have a damn good giggle of laugh.
    THE LLLP political wing may not be invited, but my heart is with them, in this whistful land of dreams, and reality. I need a good kick up the arse? Mabe this is where I came in. Doris please change your name to Samus! and bring sunshine from the constant westerly storms of the atlantic, and the odd shower or two from ”westminister”.
    If allowed or permitted, when the next ‘Eurosong’ contest takes place in Ireland, then the warm up gang should be a team or toastmaster from the LLLP REPUBLIC political party looking for active support!! to put sanity into this world of ours.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Oldies! us older citezens of the LLLP Republic have feelings, and to some extent memories of times gone past? I am ashamed to say following a team of 15 Lions, or all blacks, springboks is not quite my measure, as I hail from north of Watford, and may I say Liecester, where the game of the heathens is played by 13 men and true, and the industries were textiles, mining and steel to put lead in ones pencil, so one could write and comment on the fell walks by a certain Mr. Wainwright, or if one ate ones porriage then one would attempt to scale at least 100 munroe’s in the land of ‘Tartan’, and again return to civilisation as a hero?
    But never mind ones anchestors were raiding maurauders, vikings, danes and angles, and all that European clap trap? so Britex has been here before us? The raiding males raped and pillaged each of us then then joined the LLLP formed an ancient Republic, with ‘queens” at the head of protocol, and now the Europeans are at it again they wish us all to conform, bend over and take what they wish to give us ” A Good stuffing”? However alas we of the LLLP wish to form a republic based on ‘Screaming Lord SUCH’s vision of the ‘Monster raving Looney Party’! All I can say is indepence for Yorkshire, and if one is not born within the defined county boundries at the time of ‘Hutton and Bouycott’ of Sutcliffe” one cannot play Cricket!, so for you other tykes and reprebates, and oldies of the UK Plc please come and join us in the ‘Last Laugh Looney Party Republic’ which has no metaphorical or physical boarders except that of ”Ones Mind”!! ” Halalulia, praise the lord and pass the ammunition”, we are at war for justice for the ‘poor old buggers of the UKPLC.’

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