Last Laugh Looney Party – Cabinet Minister

The Last Laugh Looney Party has had great success in  negotiating the acquisition of all the Islands, who have now joined the Island Repubiic.     This has been helped by all the ageing multi-millionaires who have moved their bank accounts to the new Republic because of it’s tax free status.      The Island Republic is now the fifth largest economy in the world and has relegated the U.K. to sixth position.

Prime Minister May has offered the LLLP a cabinet post advising on economic and elderly affairs.        We are thinking about it.

If the Ulster Unionists can be given £10 billion, the LLLP  must be in for at least £1 billion plus a few Islands.   So on that basis we will accept the cabinet post until the end of the Brexit talks.   This should be fun😀     An announcement will be made in Downing Street today.

Our first piece of advice to the British Government would be to be rather more respectful to older people.    No longer to treat them as a burden but to give them due recognition for the contribution they made to bringing up their children and building such a good country for them to live in.        It didn’t happen without a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

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3 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party – Cabinet Minister

  1. Well Well! we are in the Green [Lincoln Green] shooting arrows of hope like Robin Hood?/ Or are we? Are we being sold down, Loch Neigh? with a whinnie or two, and a regimental kick up the backside, by this new Political Partnership about to transpire in Westminster? As Nelson raised the telescope to his bad eye; he stated to Hardy-‘Kiss Me” I see no ships but hardships? and us oldies go back to living on bread and water, and if we are lucky porridge made with water and a dose/spoonful of golden syrup to help the medicine go down??
    What do we want? We want power! with a lot of common sense not just polite soundbites with music of the 60’s maybe the 80’s as the BBC Radio 2 may wish to broadcast and keep us all in our place, and politically castrated [spaid], like a common or garden pet???? We do have feelings!!!!

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Oh Hells bells! have I misinterpretated the blog above, and the good news that the Last Laugh Looney Party have been, or are being offered a cabinet post? I dread to think what Doris thinks of me, or my mentor? I have that slightly cynacal streak within in me, and the amalamation of the Conservative party and the DUP makes me slightly shudder with apprehension: I note that most of the allelleged MP’s are or do have Grey hair-but definely grey suits and skirts, but I question their experience in life for the over 55’s and those on fixed pensions, and savings account with as promised ”nil returns” but ”Tax Free”, As that TV programme in the later years of the 1900’s, and there again the radio show with ‘Wifred Pickles” where one said -‘show me the money’ and then the other said ‘Give him the money Barney”
    Alas the BBC, and media is so full of spend spend spend, and a bias allegedly to the left of politics within the UK, that the older folk of the UK are rich bandits, with assets they can spend, that the current appears to be to rob the ‘bastards”, and too hell with any form of NHS or care service, when their personal finances and life literally hits the proverbial buffers.
    What we do with our LLLP Republic political seat in this governments ”inner cabinet” is to talk and make sense with a touch of social and moral judgements/decisions!!

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    The last Looney in town!! As I wonder at this wonderful political system within the Uk and westminister, and look at the ‘Blog ‘ above I hear a ”NEENAW” or maybe blues and twos? or an old fashioned police state dressed in blue Like ”Dixon of Dock Green” saying evening all, and making his point at the local red phone box (Corbyn Exchange) at the corner of the street, or do I see the yellow of the liberals- chasing rainbows and wondering what to do.
    I am too long in the tooth for all this shinangakins, and would wellcome the green battern bugh van, with a touch of yellow, and the three wise monkeys dressed in white coats waiting and greeting me into the Local Looney bin, not truely PC but then we are all ”quackers” are we not??
    By it aint half hot mum, bring me that Pimms please so I can watch all these balls at wimbledon SW19 it reminds me of Westminister and SW1 duce, love and advantage to those of us who are sane, and young at heart, in both mind and body, even though I am an ‘old crock? ready for the knackers yard.!!!!

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