De-cluttering continues with a wardrobe box which John visits every day.   In fact it is probably the most regularly visited part of his walk-in wardrobe.   So it needs to be easy to use, and yet it isn’t !

Why ?  Because Little Ted thinks it contains too much stuff.    Here are the Bear facts of what it contains with Little Ted’s premlinary observations ( in italics ) :-

  • PANTS WHITE. —- 15 pairs —- Perhaps John has been eating too many beans ?
  • PANTS COLOURED —– 9 pairs —- That seem to confirm my suspicions. 
  • LONG JOHNS —– 3 pairs —– Oh dear dear, perhaps John has a chill.
  • VESTS SINGLETS —– 15 —– Yes with all these vests he must be feeling the cold.
  • VESTS THERMAL —– 10 —–  Indeed he must get very, very cold.

                 That is 52 pieces of underwear !

Little Ted says “What John needs is a Bearskin !”


This is John in his Bearskin onesie.  Although it might be a bit hot in the summer and I don’t think I will be walking around Kilsby in it.  Perhaps I’ll just keep it for pyjamas.

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  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    What a day for a ”WAG”, and mischeif makers?? I note there is no reference other than pants? Are they Passion killers? Jockey shorts, a ‘G string’ or even cross dressing with bells on? Pull the other leg , please do? it has got bells on!!
    I assume since the pants are neatly folded up and ironed within the ‘DRAWS’ that John as a good boy scout did or has done the washing and ironing of said pants.
    The long johns hide his nobblee knees, and the vests (thermal or otherwise, are Holey I assume to show of that chest of his, as to the paunch, I assume he may rest his right or left wrist on his tummy, with said refreshment in a glass, imbibing, gently, while becoming zoozled doing his laundry, and MO’s I trust.
    A vey happy Teddy boy!!!

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    alas i am 3 sheets to the wind! My spelling requires correction-I apologise to all.

  3. Mo Graham says:

    OK, got the message John. I won’t buy you any more underwear for the next few Christmases! (By the way, you forgot to include the half dozen or so boxer shorts that were in the tumble drier when you were doing your calculations !!)

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