Is This Assisted Dying?

I have written a lot about assisted dying almost since I started this blog.    Although not since 2015 when Lord Faulkner’s Bill to legalize it was heavily defeated in the House of Commons.  ( You can see all my earlier posts by clicking on ” Assisted Suicide” in the Topics List)

Recently I was prompted to re-read my blogs on this subject by a special report in the Daily Mail – 4th Sept.    My blogs are full of apprehension about the potential for extension of assisted dying into the everyday care of older people.   Nowhere is this more likely than in hard pressed, under funded, bed blocked hospitals.

The report into Gosport Memorial Hospital in Hampshire would seem to confirm my predictions.   A high level of deaths and excessive use of pain medication typified treatment in the hospital, in a facility which uncomfortably they called “end of line” wards.

There have been several police investigations, Health Service inquiries and  a ‘death audit’ over the years all with no clear conclusion.   Now an independent review led by James Jones, former chairman of the Hillsborough disaster will report in the spring of 2018.

My prediction this time is that he will find that wilful neglect for the sanctity of life of older people is now endemic in the NHS.



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2 Responses to Is This Assisted Dying?

  1. this is life’s riddle, and ones question’s of faith and belief in that do your nearest and dearest, with you understand, how to exit this world of ours with dignity, without resolve to blame on some one, some organisation trying to do what is ‘Reasonable’? It is very personal, and one I believe must first of all come to terms with ones beliefs-Or God whom ever that may be, and for the family and survivors to accept with good grace the celebration of life of one’s loved one.
    There is no black and white answer, and the medical profession like all of us has its regulations/rules and Hippocratic oath, and it is as one may say as I: What it is my dying wishes, if the doctor be the last person I wish to communicate with then??? I ask you???
    By the same token we cannot have a society hell bent on genocide and a social solution like the 1930,s in Germany Ethnic cleansing.
    It is as I said, a personal riddle, and it comes down me and my beliefs., or you and your beliefs-Very Personal as I have said?

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    with statistics of the dying, we come to ‘where people die?’ This is uncomfortable and I have been brouught up with a ‘jolt’
    Is the answer at home, in hospital, a care home, a nursing home, a hospice, or a retirement village?? Think carefully what you may? the death certificate has to be signed, and does the frequency of death come down to the ‘who’s signature on the death certificate?
    Do we have a large complex like a hospital where death certificate signing can be shared out or allocated, with the safeguards of society, or in a hopice where ones expectancy is that the outcome is death, is this due to the organisation or again a particulat doctor/medical practioneer?
    What in society do we accept as death, and how do we peserve life, especialy a ”quality of life” : Who is the interpreter of such a question?
    I suspect thses situations have all ways been around, and rest homes, and retreats in the old days were where one met ones maker, but in peace and pain free; One used to hope, but the problem was ones and the families peace of mind ? The mind is always the most active, and difficult organ to accept as dead! In olden parlancemaybe ”Ones soul”.
    Do we need a soul factory for recycling the ‘soul’. I hope not, but again i do think we need time to realise who are medical profession are? and what they do at a very emotional period of family life.
    Dr. Shipman has a lot to answer for? the trust between the medical profession and patient client, the elderly and the dying?? was broken, within living memory.
    We have to think hard of what we may wish, so long as we do not become mass caters for wakes, and suppliers of coffins. It is all a real sod! to sort out in ones mind, and come to terms with modern society, where the proponderance of the living are the elderly!!.

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