Bullish Coffee

I used to think coffee was bad for you.    I don’t know where I got that idea from, but tea was the only hot drink in our house.    Although for my school days it was free milk and then Corona pop when I got home.  For most of my working life I have been a tea drinker.   A legacy of my early working life on building sites where the only brew on offer was a mug of sugary tea

Nobody told me I might die earlier because I wasn’t drinking coffee !

A 10-year long study by Spanish researchers of 20,000 people aged between 25 and 60, found that drinking coffee cuts the risk of dying by two thirds !     What’s more, every extra 2 cups reduces mortality by a further 22% !!!    So with two thirds in the bag already and say 4 four more cups a day I reckon I could live forever 😀

Apparently this is all to do with antioxidants, diterprenes and polyphenols.    No mention of extra sugar ?

Just one small note of caution.    The study leader was Dr. Adela Navarro, a cardiologist at Navarro Hospital in Pamplona.

So this might be a load of old bull.


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3 Responses to Bullish Coffee

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    i am entralled with your -rrenes. oxidents, phenols etc? and that coffee. As a yougman coffee was not a drink popularly drunk aboard the tankers I was on due to the water quality. How ever when in a NW European discharge port I would indulge and enjoy a contiental coffee, and my favourite was a typical dutch coffee ! It had a flavour all of its own, and extremely palatable and enjoyable to drink-Not he usual instant coffee from a tin/jar.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    hello old timer, are you playing, the web is responding as I anticipate? finger problems? finger up bum mind in neautral? What a dream, and a vision of beauty

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Wonder where has all those years gone, up the flue, or in the mind with senial dementia and alhzmiers.
    I hastely recall some idle comments.
    My youth in the district of my upbringing the thursday/fridays visit ont to the streets and estates the ‘POP LORRY’ who would deliver the families pop for the week and refund the pennies on returned empty pop bottles (Busfields. tizer and another bradford soft drink company-maybe ‘corona/’ this was the days before the univeral ‘coke a cola’.
    At sea in the engine room the drink on watch was tea, and or Board of Trade Lime juice, both laced allegedly with ‘bromide/? and taken with the regulation ‘salt tablet’! The drinking water couls be foul and brackish, so on our ships we made tea and lime juice with boiler water, to avoid these wonderful additives of minerals? If the potable-drinking water tanks had just been flushed out and relined with a lime wash then everything was safe but what a mouthfull!.
    A load of old bull?
    Now when it comes to dieing young, most persons in the merchant Navy on a pension scheme if one listened to the title tattle, who served east of suez, ( Not on a liner service with frequent calls back to NW Europe, retired at 55 and died at 60 (all though they had enhanced east of suez pay-pensionable]. My own company had many tales of just trading NW Europe to the oil ports in the Arbian Gulf (Persian) would have seagoing staff retire as required at 60 and be dead by 65.
    Amongst our drinks at sea was the pleasure of beer/larger Bass, charingtons, and torborg, plus if one was lucky ‘Orangeboom’. My endearing tipple was Tenents larger-each tinnie has a scant clad ‘bird ‘ on the side, and at mid ocean that was a dream too far,/ Another load of Bull
    Pampolna is inland so I never got there my sea ports other than NW Europe where delights of sand, dates and camels plus the local araba- Another load of BULL??

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