Blogging Milestones

This week I hit a milestone in my blogging history.   Thanks to WordPress analytics here are some of the facts and figures :-

  • 700 posts since I started writing the blog in 2010.
  • 14,000 visitors most of whom I will never meet.
  • 70,000 views averaging 100 views per post.
  • 141 countries on every continent except the Antarctic.

These are small figures by the more well known bloggers standards, but fun to think you have reached that far afield.

  • Fifty percent of the visitors are from the UK.
  • Five percent from the USA is the second biggest group.
  • Visitors in their 100’s come from Europe, Australia, India, Canada, Brazil and South Africa.
  • Then more remotely one or two from the Cayman Islands, Nepal, Mozambique, Kazakhstan, Belize, Macao, Myanmar, Mongolia and the Faroe Islands.
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2 Responses to Blogging Milestones

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Dreaming, where have all the bloggers gone? Or so the song goes! I see those numbers, in all their facets, and wonder do they love you Dearest John?? What a figure/statute of a person to behold? I only know you as a blogger, who are you, who art thou? Are you human, man, woman, child? I need not worry my imagination and mind is attracted to your many frequent ‘blogs’ touching some times in fact, and sometimes in wistfulness of one mind, and the dreams that ensue.
    The autumn sol cist has now passed, and we progress into dark nights, and I just awe at some forthcoming blog? For instance on the night of Halloween, do you turn into that witch or warlock, and do we burn you at the stake on Nov 5th, or are you just a ghosty or ghoul? And/or are you still around on December the 6th, telling us to be good children, or indeed my favourite dream and wish is that on the night of December 24th, you are that ‘Fairy’ or should I say ‘ANGEL’ on my Christmas tree? {at the top no less!)
    It is all too dream for, and enjoy another year as the next New Year 2018 looms upon us.
    Blog away Dear John, I await with baited breath to your next rendition on life in cyber space, with feet on solid earth, and what or sometimes mischievous beings we can be!
    Regards David

  2. Alex Robinson says:

    Well done John – definitely a significant milestone. Alex.

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