Bungalow Bingo !

Every few years there are pleas for more bungalows to be built.    But, they never are.   You would think people would learn.    Every new Housing Minister thinks they are the answer to older people’s prayers. Think tanks and estate agents regularly produce reports claiming that  something must be done.    But nothing ever is!   (You can find my earlier posts by clicking on Retirement Housing in the Topics List they date back to 2013)

Having fallen on deaf ears for years, House Simple, an on-line estate agent has come up with a novel reason to build more bungalows.   Apparently they think that  the bungalow shortfall may be forcing older people into care homes prematurely and may also be responsible for longer hospital stays, putting greater strain on the NHS.

That’s it then,  just build a few more bungalows and all our retirement housing problems, underfunding of Social Care and bed blocking in the NHS will be solved at a stroke.      Why didn’t anyone think of that before.

Just shout “HOUSE” and one will miraculously be found for you.   All you have to do is use an on-line estate agent that doesn’t live in the real world.


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2 Responses to Bungalow Bingo !

  1. david w freeman says:

    land dear land? who can afford you??? what is the reality of ones castle, or pie in the sky??

  2. Alex Robinson says:

    One has to wonder if bungalows really are what people want. On the basis that market forces drive everything, one could argue that none are being built because too few people want to buy/rent them. Why would this be? Most older people want to live their lives out in their own homes. Even if a bungalow was available, they would still have to uproot and move – so if you are going to do that, why not move to a purpose-built much more appropriate appartment or even – dare I say it? – a retirement village? There is, of course, the additional factor that bungalows use far more land than other forms of housing on a per person basis and we are told we are short of building land.

    No – I don’t think bungalows are the answer. Indeed – following your retirement village posts – I don’t think you do either.

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