Hand Ringing.

The medical world is ringing its hands, because your not ringing out yours enough.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society says poor hand washing is driving a superbug crisis.   They estimate a third of cases of diarrhoea and a sixth of respiratory infections could be prevented through good hand washing.   They suggest you take 20 seconds each time and measure it by singing “Happy Birthday To You” twice.   Of course you may be taken off to the funny farm if you are heard celebrating your birthday several times a day, every day of the year.   But on the positive side you mays get a lot more presents that way 😀

Dr. Gina Radford, England’s deputy chief medical officer, thinks longer is better, and recommends 30 seconds of hand washing, while singing the first verse of “God Save The Queen”.   Perhaps you should also send her a get well soon card —- the Queen that is not the singing


I have a slightly modified children’s song which might keep you out of the mental hospital or from being overly patriotic.   How about:-

If you’r happy and you know it WASH YOUR HANDS,

If you’r happy and you know it WASH AGAIN,

If you’r happy and you know it and you don’t want diarrhoea,


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5 Responses to Hand Ringing.

  1. david w freeman says:

    Well, I never!! jOHN IS NOT HAVING A MOAN OR GRUMBLE? about the politicians and other government offices/officers of state which are supposed to support the elderly in old age? John is just wringing his hands, and I am in ‘KILROY’ Country with writing on the wall, and detritus all over the floor [crap]?
    It is good to smile now and again, and listern to the meishires’s of this world give us all homely advice and comfort on how to live a good clean life?
    I am a free spirit, in thought word and deed, and enjoy the unexpected ‘banter’ that John posts, a smile now and again does wonders to ones face and frame of mind, The physical body may be decrepid, but the mind is enlightened, and is open to any suggestion of a wordly, or verbal pleasure, no matter what state belies the body.
    What I have is verbal diarriohea, and lots of it, but i still have my teeth and can bite, and my feet so i can vote: What about? is begining to escape me? It is the small pleaseures in life I enjoy-please=thank you with a friendly smile.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    By the way John ”HAPPY BIRTHDAY’, should I have forgotten? What is that magic age now ‘tinkerbell’???.

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