My Garden Age 70

My garden is growing faster than me,

 steadily,  constantly, relentlessly.

Some of the trees, shrubs and flowers,

were there before me and will be there after me.


I was born into my garden age,

to nurture the things around me.


I hope I have left my mark,

that vistas are different after my visit.

That my life’s work,

has made a better vision.

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3 Responses to My Garden Age 70

  1. david w freeman says:

    like the lookout in the crows nest on a ship, all i see is a horizon, the picture or the vision of what I see, is what you have painted.
    As an oldie I like the canvases left behind to admire!!! I do not expect you to push up the daisies just yet?? Remember i wish to add my thank you to what you have achieved in life.
    Just add my thank you’s to Mo and her patience and indulgence in giving you support throughout your trottings through that busy life of yours.
    Regards David
    Bye the way is it happy birthday?? you creaking gate??

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