Dolphins, Dementia and Swimming

“Incredibly interesting”  are the words Professor Simon Lovestone an old age psychiatrist at Oxford University uses to describe a study of dolphins with dementia.

It is a collaboration between researchers in Florida and Scotland based on examining the brains of dolphins washed up on a beach in Spain.     Laura Phipps of Alzheimer’s Research UK commented “It is fascinating and could provide valuable insight into the disease”.

Of course, as always, much more research is needed before any useful conclusions can be drawn.   All the researchers will no doubt be prepared to do the vital work, if someone coughs up the money.   Possible further subject areas include:-

  • Why dolphins like Spain ? This is a three year study which will need the researchers to spend a lot of time on the Costa Del Sol, waiting for the dolphins to wash up.
  • The Scottish team wish to examine the links between dolphins, whiskey and forgetfulness.
  • In Florida they want to research if dolphins are safer staying in theme parks remembering tricks, rather than swimming in the open sea forgetting things.

All the Universities agreed to do collaborative research on luxury hotels.

Meanwhile the Government Dolphin Scientific Study Commission has recommended, as a preliminary precaution against dementia:-


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2 Responses to Dolphins, Dementia and Swimming

  1. Dolphins
    Interesting data and research.
    Dolphins may get Alzheimer’s, and suffer from dementia?
    However from my personal observations, and as part of seagoing days and a traveller in the marine industry.
    Dolphins enjoying whisky is or could be correct the only pod, of dolphins is in and around the ,country are in Scotland, and the nearest distillery is , at Tain.5 ‘Glen Morangie’.
    As for Spain and the beaches of the ,MEDI,! Especially Spain, I am not sure? When at sea and off watch, a dolphin pod, from the bows of the ship was a pleasure to behold, as they ducked and dived around the ships’ bow plate and in the bow wave, as we sailed the seven seas.
    As for the Spanish coast I am unsure and maybe the dolphins may rest and die get washed up on the many beaches in the ,MEDI! [No sharks in this sea???-Marine fish!]
    Deep sea the dolphin would be wary of many types of sharks should they become detached from the pod,! Here lies the RUB metaphorical problem, should we retire to somewhere of desire? Are we aware of the many types of sharks that can invade our own private space.
    Ps fish is supposed to be brain food, yes!!
    As for a dip in the ”oggin” every day I am a land lubber!! Answers on a postcard please!

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