Weather or not?

I have fallen into the habit of turning the iPad on as soon as I wake up and looking up the weather forecast.   Just like I used to do with the TV, except you usually had to wait a while until the forecast was on.

Often the national forecast was no use because it was too broad brush.    I needed more local information, so I then had to wait even longer for the regional news.    Sometimes I could be waiting for hours before I could get dressed and know if I could go out in the garden.

I didn’t want to know about Stornaway or the Isle of White, I just wanted to know about Kilsby.

Now with my trusty iPad I can get the precise weather for Kilsby instantly for every hour of the day.   Including wind speeds, exact temperatures and weather warnings.  And the pollen count although there is not much about in Autumn.     And UV levels just in case I need my shades and sun hat.

Today for instance, it forecasts rain all morning and there is a warning about floods.    So I had better put my waterproof gear on and find my wellies.   I will get the dingy out later.

Just one problem.   When I look out the window it’s not raining 😖

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1 Response to Weather or not?

  1. You remind me of when “Noah was but lad”living in the wilds of kitschy, and that trudge through the wet grass in the early morning to the”nettie” thunder box? In the yard or back garden. The weather then and all the local and international news,was days old-fashioned on some newsprint hanging on the nail at the back of the door.
    Still there was onlysteam radio and no gogglebox or smartphones. Never mind lad I amsure you will survive another day?
    By the way what was the forecast? Or the preminitions for the week, it is comming up to Christmas? Any snow yet?

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