Eat Your Greens

What a wonderful Christmas present.   A cure to fend off dementia may be within our grasp.

A study at Rush University in Chicago shows that eating more green vegetables may stave off dementia.

The Government is always keen to find a happy storey at this festive time  and are anxious to arrest the increase in dementia cases, whiich are swamping our hospitals.

At this point the Last Laugh Loony Party intervened.     They realised that the Brexit negotiations were beginning to cost the Government rather a lot of money and the £250million promised to the  NHS after Brexit might not happen after all.      The LLLP suggested to that nice Mr. Junket that as it was Christmas he might like to give Britain some of the common agricultural policy money.

The Prime Minister having decided not to build houses on the green belt now has plans to plant thousands of acres of spinach, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and green beans.    This new iniative will be led by the recently sacked Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Damian Green, who is evidently not as green as he is cabbage looking.

This could solve all the NHS bed blocking problems at a stroke.   Most people in the study had been eating greens for years, but the reasearchers say it is never too late to start.


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  1. Is this a story of wind, or a windy story? Just a passing fart, take a deep breath for all that smells??

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