Decluttering Progress ????

This is my annual performance review of how well I have been doing with shedding the accumulation of ages.

It has been a year and 63 blogs since I started my decluttering, almost to the day.   So what progress have I made?   And how do I feel ?   Have I freed myself of the cobwebs of yesteryear ?    Have I found a brave clutter-free new world ?

The answer feels like 50/50.   Or maybe 60/40 in favour of the clutter.

I have discovered that nobody much wants my clutter.   Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, although most of it was very useful to me when I first had it.    In today’s throw away society holding onto things is hoarding.    Yesterday it was thrifty.


The forest of paper and envelopes that I had in abundance have long since been made obsolete by email.




My beloved ties which I only half disposed of have all but been rendered useless by the fashion for open neck shirts.



My garden sheds are a success story, they are all tidier and better organised and I can’t even remember the stuff I have thrown away. I have even been inspired to have some new doors made for them next year.   Of course I will have to have another clear out  before then, because they are already starting to fill up again.   I didn’t throw away enough stuff first time around.   Too many pots, too many garden cushions and too many half-used but now years old weed killers and fertilisers probably past their fertilisation date.


So why do I say only 60/40 success?    Well I don’t feel unburdened.   Apart from my sock drawer that is.    Socks are simpler now even though I still have several colours and lots of black pairs and another drawer of thick walking socks.   I must do a lot more walking!


Perhaps that’s the secret.    One drawer or box or shed for each item.   Only problem is that I will need a lot more drawers, boxes and sheds if I go down that road.

Better to adopt a different more adventurous philosophy in later life  :-


There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering, although they have never mentioned any bear ideas in their book.

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2 Responses to Decluttering Progress ????

  1. First a word or two! Happy Hogmanay, to you sir and all the readers of this ‘Blog’ site.
    The second is have we all made a New Years Resolution or Resolutions-plural?
    I see dear John is still worried about the sheds, draws, socks, ties, and MO, and am am sure ‘Captain’? remember him from Mrs Dales Diary , the cat on the Light Programme who often got a mention , by Mrs Dale?
    Do not forget your friends and enemies as we sail bravely into 2018, maybe full of jollifications, slightly the worse for ware, and a sore head to remember the evenings events, and all those joyful and sad occassion that we remember as year 2017 draws to its close.
    Ladies and Gents Happy New Year!!! see you around in either body and soul or as a blogger somewhere in the cyber space we call the ‘INTERNET’?

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Mrs Dale if worried about the family and friends: often mentioned she was worried about ”Captain”

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