Super Delux Pension !

This is a continuation of my blogs on welfare benefits.   ( You can see all the posts on this subject by clicking on “Welfare Benefits “ in the Tag Cloud )   But now I am moving away from all the nitty gritty interminable detail of my earlier research, to come up with a Grand Plan 🙂

The Government has been totally consumed with Brexit for the last two years and is likely to be for two years to come.  This creates an opportunity for the Last Laugh Looney Party to steal a march on all the other political parties and propose a radical new approach to welfare benefits for older people.  



for all existing and new pensioners.

No forms, no qualifications, no messing.


With the assistance of Red Tape Man, all extra pensioner benefits will be scrapped.

This will mean that 24,756 civil servants will no longer be needed to check all the forms.

Their 4500 square feet of office space will be surplus to requirements and can be sold off for £billions to fund more retirement housing.

The SUPER DELUX PENSION will give every pensioner an extra £ 2,467 a year.

It should be worth quite a lot of votes at the next election.    Wealthy pensioners who didn’t want the extra money could donate it to the civil servants redundancy fund.


FOOTNOTE – Please note, I hasten to add that I am no expert and anyone reading this should not take my observations or figures as fact.    Hopefully before I finish this series of blogs, I will have raised awareness of some of the issues in the welfare benefits system.    If you’re intending to make a claim, you should go to one of the trusted agencies like Age UK or Citizens Advice Bureau.    

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1 Response to Super Delux Pension !

  1. Dulux
    The LLLP have my mind racing ‘’making hay’’ while the sun shines, and thinking of ‘Watneys’ the Red Barrel, and singing the song ‘Roll out The barrel’, and dancing to the tune while singing ‘’the Lambeth walk’’ al the time drinking the amber nectar? That brings me to IND Coupe and bass [a musical term? And the northern breweries, and one I can think off ‘Duttons’’ and their trade mark ‘’Oh Be Joyful’ or [OBJ]. I will dance with the LLLP ‘p– it up against the wall’ and decorate the walls in my locality with graffiti, slapped on in ample quantities with ‘DULUX paint [An ICI product?], and remember the advert of a ‘’shaggy Dog’ and the stories that were told. It is a dickens of a story, as Tiny Tim would quote in a ‘Christmas Carol’? do we all live happily ever after, follow the ‘Yellow brick road’’ and the Last Laugh Lonney Party for ‘’common sense’’. Please do remember to vote??

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