Super Delux Pension Supplement.

This is a continuation of my blogs on welfare benefits.   It directly follows on from the last post. ( You can see all the posts on this subject by clicking on “Welfare Benefits “ in the Tag Cloud ) 

The Last Laugh Looney Party is aware that its proposed higher pension for older people may be seen as too generous by the younger generation.

So it has a supplementary proposal to give older people a more inclusive role in society.



In exchange for  new Super Delux Pension all old people will be expected to work as a volunteer for ten hours a week.    That works out as equivalent to £2.62 an hour, which is not even the minimum wage.

Here are some of the things they can do :-

  • visiting the elderly who can’t get out and about
  • knitting woolly hats for pensioners in Scotland who no longer get winter fuel payments
  • teaching children to read and write
  • looking after very young children so there mums can go out to work
  • being a lollipop lady or man at school crossings
  • working free for any charity
  • visiting older people in hospital to help feeding them
  • serving on jury’s to lock up criminals who con them or burgle them in their homes or  mess up their neighbourhoods just hanging around making a nuisance of themselves.

Footnote.    Of course you may have noticed that a great many older people do these things already.   So at £2.65 an hour that more than pays for the extra SUPER DELUX PENSION SUPPLEMENT 😀

FOOTNOTE     This new system would obviously be open to abuse e.g. two old pensioners going down the pub every day would qualify.   So the civil servants at the Department of Work and SuperPensions came up with a control regulation just before they were made redundant.    To prove their qualifying hours are legitimate, pensioners would have to have their SUPER DELUX BENEFITS PASSPORT stamped by a retired civil servant.

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2 Responses to Super Delux Pension Supplement.

  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Very subtle, a little thought needed here

  2. thoughts of life. Now I am 75 years old retired since 65 years of age : My comments for consideration.
    During my life time, and that of my parents the expected age of life if one was lucky was 75-80 years. The retirement/ pensionable age was 65 for men [popped there clogs at 70] and ladies retirement/pensionable age was 60 years [popped their clogs at 80-85]. This was often in a workplace that was industrial, with the fear of asbestosis, heavy manual labour, infectious and disease’s which would/may become an epidemic, and affect both the young and old, and those who were in industries where the working conditions were less than favourable? WE that is I have seen the 1960 Health and Safety Act invoked, improvements in medical science and the care of the NHS system, of doctors/care/nurses and clinicians.
    What I am trying to say in an unsubtle way is that life is like a wheel-”Round” and what goes round comes around? WE now live in a cleaner, may be more regulated society as far as employment/work is concerned, and now the retirement/pensionable age is 68 for both men and ladies, and the age of expectancy of life is for all 80-85, so what???? Well the men in grey suits and ladies in grey skirts have to square the government accountancy books, and what can be paid out into individual state pensions. It has all ways been thus and one has to remember one is basically responsible for oneself, and remember the man from the ‘PRU’ or that extra payment at the local ”co-op store” in pennies for a supplementary pension, and if one where lucky, employers would offer a private pension scheme. What I am stating is that the life span in years has increased to 80-85, but official retirement age after a working life has only increased by a few years: However it is too all our own benefit; this puts a little pressure on the actual working population? When I was younger leave school at 15 apprenticeship and work to 65, now we do not have the heavy industry jobs of such wide ranging industries and the youngster are discouraged from working [But staying in education until nearly 20] at a college or new fangled university, so the age span of a working life is still some -{65-15=50 years: 68-20= 48 years} so now I ask what of the men and ladies in Whitehall in the government cupboards do? who have to calculate what is a reasonable pensionable pay, and for how many years is it paid for???
    WE need as a society to think? what we actually want out of life? Britexit/ Immigration/migration, are we true Europeans as after WWII as Churchill visualised a united, but independent Europe with Britain [UK]playing a role-active.
    Can we afford the NHS/Britexit/immigration/pension increases/ ect; and many more things??? I wonder, now at my age 75 with my fellow citezens, may not be able to fight for our country in body, but in mind, and we/I feel we have to guide our young through education and example that what we can do physically to help, by volunteering in society [ with the many tasks he lists] and Johns £2.62, we/I can see a way forwarded with a pension that keeps the cost of living equal to that of the day, so we are not reliant completely upon the state to enjoy and encourage us all as citezens of the UK Gt Britain and Ireland, and too some extent Europe, such that we are a cohesive and compassionate and thinking considerate society to live work and die for???

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