Over the last few months, I have been researching welfare benefits entitlements in the UK.  (You can see all my earlier posts by clicking on “Welfare Benefits” in the TAG CLOUD).  

This is the first section which covers the main benefits.

State Pension Graph – 100% Yes

Clearly everyone who completed the survey was of pensionable age and 100% received the State Pension.  The big question is, did they all receive the same amount?

It depends on how many years you contributed into National Insurance.

And whether you were contracted out.

Or if you deferred receiving your state pension for a while.

AND whether you receive Pension Credit Guarantee.

And don’t forget about SERPS.


It would be interesting to know if and how people’s’ state pension differ?

What if you have never contributed? 

And what is a Married Woman’s contribution?


Pension Credit Graph – 20% Yes; 60% No; 20% Not Sure

Only 20% of the group are sure they get Pension Credit (the national take up level is 69%).  A further 20% are not sure.  The 60% who said no, either means that they have other income, or that their State Pension is not topped up with the Pension Credit Guarantee.  Everybody should get at least £155 per week, either from the State or other income.



Council Tax Reduction Graph – 21% Yes; 68% No; 11% Not Sure

All households with only one occupant qualify for a 25% reduction.  Additional reduction is available, but is means tested.  If you receive Pension Credit, this should automatically be given, but you may have to apply for it.




Housing Benefit – 1% Yes; 88%No; 11% Not Sure

This is only available to people who rent in public or private housing.  It is means tested.  So you only receive it in full if you have an income of less than £16,000 per year.  If you have savings, some income from that will be assumed in the calculation of your entitlement to Housing Benefit.



Universal Credit – 0% Yes; 78% No; 22% Not Sure 

This is a newly introduced system for Welfare Benefits which may not have yet been started in Coventry which would explain the “0% yes” answer.    It doesn’t give you more financial benefit, it just consolidates them into a single payment.




FOOTNOTE – Please note, I hasten to add that I am no expert and anyone reading this should not take my observations or figures as fact.    Hopefully before I finish this series of blogs, I will have raised awareness of some of the issues in the welfare benefits system.    If you’re intending to make a claim, you should go to one of the trusted agencies like Age UK or Citizens Advice Bureau.   

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  1. David Freeman says:

    Intriguing, slightly complex. Thank you for the general information. An insight in to what citezens belive

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