Rainy Day Benefits

All my recent posts about welfare benefits have dragged my down, not helped by the everyday rain.     It seems like I have chosen the driest subject to talk about in the wettest spring I can remember.    It all makes for gloomy reading.

Only a few primroses brave the cold and damp, stepping out into the wet washes of endless drizzle.    Greatful thanks to them for briefly raising my spirits.     The rain clouds don’t lift for long determined to make this “ a long cold lonely winter”.

I need a Spring break.    So do my daffodils.   For weeks now they have kept their heads down, sheltering from the rain.

Now the daffodils are fed up waiting and have decided to start the Spring song “Here comes the sun”😀

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4 Responses to Rainy Day Benefits

  1. well, we speak in metaphors, and spring around in yesterdays sunshine like a young gazelle, after your down {feathers] have been washed in continual drizzle over the past few weeks.
    I just ask have you brushed your teeth, and combed that wonderful head of hair that you have??[ or is it polished that boonz of yours to a honed finish.
    The subjects up to day are not too dry! However they are informative, and give time for us lesser mortals to consider, where are leaders and in that our politicians are taking us???
    The benefits of your beloved blog, is the diversity of information, and the stirring of my grey matter into life to realise, while we may all be equal, it may not be a level playing field financially for some citizens/readers.

  2. iglengel says:

    Hang in there – the sun will come out soon and all will be bright once again.
    Reminds me of a quote by Charles Chaplin….”Nothing is permanent in this world – not even our troubles.” —- Same holds true with dreariness (is that even a word?). Love reading your posts.

  3. The Spring flowers are beautiful John. I don’t see them any more, but not for the same reason you don’t. Here in Florida it is too hot.

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