Cloud surfing – The Cape of Good Hope

GrumbleSmiles was set up to provide innovative answers to tackling the problems of loneliness in later life.    Many older people are less able to get out and about, which can be the first steps towards a life of isolation.

My travel around the clouds continue (you can see more of my travel adventures by clicking on CLOUD SURFING in the TAG CLOUD).   Today I invite you to join me on a trip to unknown destinations around the world and an opportunity to talk to new and interesting people.    All at no cost and from the comfort of your own armchair.

We are going cloudsurfing to South Africa.

Courtesy of a blogger and photographer who lives in Alaska.  Her blog is called Gullible’s Travels and her name is Jeanne Waite Follett.  My thanks to her for sharing her excellent travel stories.



The photograph below is of Hout Bay, just outside of Cape Town in South Africa.

This is the start of a cruise to Seal Island and if you follow the link below, you can see some excellent photos of the seals and other wildlife that the first explorers must have seen when they rounded the Cape of Good Hope.

In the weeks ahead, I will publish more blogs and photographs from my cloud surfing travels.


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5 Responses to Cloud surfing – The Cape of Good Hope

  1. davidfreeman says:

    Wonderful, memories. The site is engrossing, when one goes on the link, and then the larger site, with its connections. I have been able to drift in and out of the multitude of birdie pictures as I sit in my chair, armed with the lap top, and compare the actual antics of the birds from my window, and gently roll down the species that are listed and photographed, and compare the antics of our passing magpies and blackbirds.
    Again while I drift and dream in my armchair, I cherish the stories of my fellow retirement village residents, and study the travel, and places and people photographs, to see if my fellow villagers have enjoyed their own personal cruise or travel to those foreign parts, that I was fortunate to visit as a younger seamen. Lots to reflect, chat and then recall those misty dreams beyond my own front door. Age is galloping on and maybe my ride on a donkey at SKEGGIE, is as far as I may go now in my travels: However my memories are deeply cherished.
    It is good to have ones horizons lifted form the sometimes gruesome world of the media and politics.Carry on Macduff I am converted old foggie to being ”young at heart” with a deep interest in life, and the people around me.

  2. davidfreeman says:

    ps I note the blog is entitled ‘The Cape of Good Hope” ever the evangelist!

  3. davidfreeman says:

    My self and Molly enjoyed a treat yesterday, both deriving from a gift and birthdays wishes/fathers day wishes from our daughters and the family: It was most memorable, and enjoyable.
    We left our home MK caught a bus to the rail station [with our old age passes], boarded the train and went up to London. There at Euston we went by tube to Oxford Circus, then above ground, we walked gently in the afternoons sunlight down regents street to Piccadilly circus { Our Target area] . We window shopped, gorpped at the more luxury items in the shop windows, and checked our pennies, but we did admire the bespoke clothing and jewellers shops. On the way into ‘Hamlin’s the toy shop stepped over all the mobile and soft cuddly toys being displayed, tried to think of Christmas for our grandchildren, with the more unusual toys. This stroll took us about an hour. Then we espied a café- Papillion, the menu was wonderful the prices were slightly expensive we checked our ”piggie” bank and decide it was a day for a treat! The service and ambience was wonderful. Being from the ‘sticks’ we did not understand were we were enjoying a cream team and a club sandwich with a coffee?? We enjoyed every moment, and then we espied photos on the wall of the great and the good- We were in the ‘Café Royale”.?? a revelation to us ‘hicks’?
    I dared go to the gents and after the ablutions and washing my hands I noted there was no mechanical/electrical hand drier, or paper towels, But real terry towelling ‘hand towels’ I was on my best behaviour and I was too embarrassed to wipe my wetted shoes, my manners were impeccable.
    We then went to our event of the day a matinee performance in the Piccadilly theatre of ‘Strictly Dancing. This was a pleasure and a laugh from end to end the humour, singing, dancing and dialogue, and my/our sense of humour where fully engaged, and thoroughly entertained. After the show we made our may via the tube to Euston, home via the train, and the bus in MK to our front door. It was a day of what dreams are made off!!!! Great, once in a while us oldies can be motivated to a treat and thoroughly relax in this world of life? One has to make the effort a little now and again, and kick the reins holding the horses.

    • john graham says:

      Well done David. You’re a long way from the Cape of Good Hope, although I know you did a lot of that travelling around the world in your younger days at sea. Now in your shore leave later life, it’s good to see that you and Molly have still got that sense of adventure. I hope to see you on the tele in Strictly shortly! 🙂

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