More Nonsense

Clutter is another way to say jumble.

Jumble sales of all your clutter.

I woke up today with jumble in my head,

it wasn’t something anyone said.

It was just there cluttering up my brain.


Jumble is a word over which you can stumble,

just like clutter.

It is also a great word

on which to grumble.


If your apple pie goes wrong,

it becomes apple crumble.

If you trip over your toes,

you will certainly tumble.


Quietly spoken you’d be accused of a mumble.

Drop something down and that’s a definitely a fumble.

If you hear a buzz, it’s probably a bumble.

Dont mention it and you’re ever so humble.


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7 Responses to More Nonsense

  1. Just words, all enjoyable, I have forgotten what I was taught at school, a four line poem with a rhyming word at every second line? its general name? was it a stanza? Do I need to read the Oxford book of british poem English?
    What ever I have enjoyed it every word, and the final line with the word ‘Humble’
    John your a real gent! wonderful.

  2. Eureka, I believe the term as I was told was a ‘COUPLET’

  3. Eureka, A ‘couplet@ I believe

  4. one of the bits of clutter I have, is a tape of 78rpm, records, and one is from my younger days as a boy scout with the tunes of ”I am going back to Gillwell’, and Baden Powel’s final message to the scouting fraternity. On the other side is a tune from the gangshow ‘Scouting Bye’.
    Just a few moments with my own memories, and like this web site, those few minutes of enjoyment, reminiscing, Wonderful, not sad or morbid, but uplifting for the soul, and mind.

  5. to add to the nonsense, and clutter, I wish to go back to the very early 1950;s! Leeeds Empire, [behind Schofields departmental store], sat in the ‘gods’ with Mum and Dad and my sisters truely enthralled, watching the pantomime ‘Aladdin’. One of the stars of the show was George Formby as widow twankie, leading us all in the pantomime song:=
    ”Why does a red cow give white milk when it only eats green grass? Thats the burning question, it burns like indigestion! Oh why does a red cow give white milk, when it only eats green grass?”, and so on repeatedly.
    All that nonsense, and our first visit my sisters and I to a live theatre production: Great

  6. while I have your attention, how about some more rubbish, committed to the ‘sin bin’; and past memories.
    As a youngster the only entertainment was cheifly ourselves, playing family games of cards, and the , that old steam radio? One of the sunday programmes I enjoyed was ‘Two way family favourites’, then life with the LIONS, AND Then Rays a laugh. At Home off school sick was ‘ Listen with Mother,.
    This all brought me up by the short and curles when I was at sea in the 60’s Here travelling the oceans, it was the BBC World service, and a good dose of andy stuart, and scotish songs, or victor sylvester and his dance music to struct tempo. On my travels through the Suez canal we could often receive the BBD Light Program Medium wave unto and including passing Cyprus. The Long wave programs The Home service we could receive world wide, but not good reception.
    At sea besides that letter from home, the only contact with the world was the radio and its music.
    The many countries broadcasting, was ‘voice of America from Frankfurt’, South Africa broadcasting around the Cape and Durban, and then pure music no announcers the ‘Voice of the desert” from and around the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

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